Throw Pillows

In Feb, the hubs and I bought new couches. I absolutely love them, but they needed something else. . . PILLOWS of course! I already had some but plain tan doesn't fly around here anymore. I had been eying some fabric at Calico Corners and decided that it would make beautiful throw pillows for my new couches. I ordered a yard and when i got it, it seemed like so much less than a yard normally does. luckily I had some left over fabric from when I reupholstered my dining chairs and it's the perfect color for the BACK of my new pillows. This way I ended up with 3 pillows instead of 2. GENIUS MOMENT!

Here's the fabric that I found. I love the colors and the pattern is so feminine, yet masculine all at the same time.  

Pillow Before

Here's how my little project ended. I love how they look and I think they add just the touch when I look from
Under My Mulberry Tree.