Master Bedroom Progress

Ya know when you have a plan for a room or project and then you steer off course for the silliest little thing and it blows the whole thing up in your face? Yeah, me too. You’ll quickly realize why I called this “progress”. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around my master bedroom and have been wingin it ever since I bought a duvet because it was on sale. Let me tell you my friends, DO NOT settle for something just because it is on sale! Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sale and this room is lovely. It would make a lot of people VERY happy. I recognize that. I ALSO recognize the fact that as I get older, the more of a brat I have become. I wants what I wants and this ain’t it! So here is a view of the progression of the room.

Ashley iphone 7-12-14 733

The first thing that I did was get actual night stands. You say dresser, I say nightstand. I also got these loverly lamps that I am IN. LOVE. WITH. Needless to say, those won’t be changing.


Here is the duvet that I bought. I actually purchased this one in an attempt to recover from buying the wrong one before this one. (Have no fear, those are BOTH gone and I FINALLY have the one I wanted in the first place) If you take a peek at the nightstand, those are the lamps that I replaced.

Ashley iphone 7-12-14 827

Curtains Part I

Ashley iphone 7-12-14 832

Curtains Part II


Aaaah yes. That’s better! But there was something missing. A STENCIL! duh!


I moved my nursery glider into the corner and I love it! It also had a fiddle leaf fig friend. For a while.


Now this dresser lives there. She’s a beaut right? Except I hate the knobs and she’s getting another makeover. SOON! I’ll be posting about that later when it’s done for reals.


And finally, here is the stencil wall that I slapped up there. Call me crazy, but I’m painting over it in about a month. I LOVE the stencil, but I hate the colors and the direction that this room went. For ME. I’ve been in a transitional state recently where I’m wanting to go a little more modern and a little less tradition. Lets call it Moditional. I already have several things in line to help with my bedroom facelift Part 501. There’s much to do and I’ll be posting along the way.

1. Replace Duvet-check
2. Paint the walls-
3. Re-stencil the wall (yup. I said re-stencil)
4. Re-finish the dresser again
5. Make new throw pillows with the super awesome fabric that I recently purchased
6. Well I think that’s it. I think there are just 5. 5 BIG things, but still just 5

Source List for THIS version
1. Bed-purchased through a hunting forum that The Hubs belongs to 
3. Lamps-HomeGoods 
4. Curtains Part I- HomeGoods
5. Curtains Part II-HomeGoods 
6. Nursery Glider- Purchased on Facebook 
7. Bamboo Dresser-Craigslist 
8. School House original painting on a cabinet door- Wedding gift that I go through phases of loving and right now is definitely one of them.