Space Savers!

So we're coming up on moving day and I wanted to get things a little organized. I realized that I had a changing table full of clothes that neither of my boys wear. Either because they're too small or it's the wrong season. I also have quite a few boxes that are filled with little boys' clothes. What to do? What to do? I don't want to sell them or give them away because I'm still young and you just never know. no I'm not making an announcement So I started thinking of different places in the new house that I could keep them. I even talked to my SIL about having all these baby clothes. My awesome lil niece piped up and said, "What about those big plastic vacuum bags that sucks all the air out?" DUH!!! Of Course! the Space Bags! So I hurried over to Wally-World and grabbed a 3 pack of the Large bags for only 15 bucks! about 20 minutes after getting home I was able to turn the mess of the changing table and a large storage tote full of clothes, into a large storage tote full of twice as many clothes! My new best friend when it comes to storing out of season clothing and all of those extra blankets I can't part with, but aren't using. 
My Space bags weren't quite as flat as they advertise cause I crammed it! 
Have the same problem? Run out and getcha some! Good luck with your Spring/Summer cleaning! 


Floating around in Design world are some incredible fabrics, patters, colors and textures, but I think my favorite by far is Ikat. You can get it in a variety of colors and it works for just about anything; 
drapes, pillows, bedding, cushions and even dresses and skirts
Here are a few that stood out to me and might even be making an appearance somewhere in my house. (stay tuned)

Coral has been dubbed the "IT" color for Summer 2011. Not sure by whom, but it's everywhere and I'm so glad it is because I love it! And even better is a coral Ikat courtesy of Decorative Fabrics Direct.

A timeless blue and tan could easily makes itself comfy in many styles and found on Amazon no less! Love it! 

Normally I hate traditional Southwest style anything, but this is beautiful to me. Also at DFD.

The colors of this Ikat could go in any room, but I'd prefer it in my Living Room to add some Zest! I love love love the colors of this fabric from Amazon.

This is a match to the coral, but shows that Ikat can be calm and serene as well. 

Last but not least is this gorge Blue and White Ikat. A color scheme that is also very "Big" this year. I seem to be seeing it all over the place.

That's Ikat in a nutshell looking up from 
Under my Mulberry Tree.

A la mode

I've been reading this blog called alamode for a couple months now and can't get enough! I check every morning to see if she has a new post and am never disappointed. Today was no different. She's hosting a giveaway for some amazing lamp shades.The shades are from an Etsy shop called LampShadeDesigns. You couldn't really go wrong with any of them. They are oh so fabulous and I have already picked one that I really really really want! 
Isn't it Beautiful!?!
So what are you waiting for!?! Go check it out!

Back-Alley Hack Job T

I didn't wait long until I decided to try my hand at altering my red and white stripe T that I scored at Old Navy. Here's an almost step by step Tutorial of how I did it. I couldn't find my regular camera so I just used my cell. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures.

I started by laying the shirt out on my cardboard cutting thing. Make sure it is completely flat. No wrinkles, front or back.

This white T is one that I know fits, so I used it as a template. (totally a "back-alley hack job" approach but it was all I could think of) I traced around the white T leaving about 1/4" in either side for sewing room. Then I simply cut it out. Just up the sides and made sure the top of the side still met the arm in the corner So that I didn't have to stitch the arm hole as well.

Next, I folded the T in half to make sure both sides had the same silhouette. Then I pinned each side and sewed along the edge. Because I don't have a serger (which I know I desperately need) I simply ran a straight stitch twice in an attempt to strengthen the seam. (I'll let you know if it falls apart later)

I'm not sure why I did this next part, but I started it so I decided to finish it. I had removed the bottom hem because the shirt was way too long, as you can see in the picture with the 2 shirts layered on top of each other. Then I decided that I wanted it back on there because their hem would be way better than mine. I pinned this upside down on the outside of the shirt and sewed it back on, flipped it down so that the seam wasn't visible and ironed the hem in place. 

 The shirt was now the right length for what I wanted and the right width. 
I added a yellow scarf for color and this is what I have.

Not too shabby if you ask me. I hope that made sense in some universe. Good luck with your sewing adventures!

That's how you alter a $4.97 t shirt from where I sit,
Under My Mulberry Tree

I Have Fallen In Love

I don't know what it is about that touch of rustic that I love, but I can't help it! With the Hubs being an avid hunter and deer heads that are named as part of the family (Hank and Henry), you would think I'd have a log cabin inside my quaint apartment. I surely do not. I just love a bit of rustic to add texture to what could otherwise be a very traditional style. 
I just found a tutorial for a super easy, chic and perfectly rustic piece of art that will most definitely be adorning a wall in my almost home. Check it out!

Stephanie over at Under the Table Dreaming, dreamed this up and it's awesome! You may not share my enthusiasm, but I for one cannot wait to make this! Happy crafting!

Sewing Expedition

So I found this oh so wonderful and simple, yet perfect T at Old Navy online about a month ago. Then it went on sale for a mere $6.99! I totally NEED that shirt! So I stopped in at my local store and they didn't have 1. NOT 1! 
While blog surfing late last week I discovered a style blog called La Vie Petite, that just so happens to be written by a gal that is 1/4" shorter than me. Seeing as I'm a whopping 4'11" that's a big deal! Seeing that you can totally dress with amazing style under 5' tall is a relief! Well while surfing her blog I spotted this. . . 

Now I just have to have it! It looks cuter on than it does in the ON picture! So I went right to their site and tried to order it online. I made my size and color selection and clicked "add to bag" A red warning popped up and said 
"We're sorry, but the combination you have selected JUST sold out" 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I can't have it because I didn't CLICK fast enough!?! I guess it just wasn't meant to be. 

I decided to make one last ditch effort and try the ON outlet at Mills Mall. Surely they'll have 1! The smallest size they had was a Large. I said to heck with it! I'm getting it because it's only $4.97. And it came home with me. Now I'll try my hand at altering. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Tip of the Week

Tip: Don't know how to do something but want to? Google "How-to's" and read about it. Then try it and you might be surprised at what you can do! Don't forget. . . practice makes perfect. 

Why I Love Being a Mom!

I have to admit, I have the cutest boys in the whole world! I know everyone says that, but I really thing that I do! They are my everything. Dirty diapers, potty training accidents, tantrums that boil blood, fightingwrestling, mess making, ball throwing, hug giving, smile making, heart warming, I Love You's
Those are all of the reasons that I love being a mom. Even though there is a time everyday that I think 
"I'm not cut out for this" 
it is always worth it and we always pull through Together. Between the tears and the tantrums are hugs and kisses that tell me all is right in my world. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Boys' Room Inspiration Part II

Ok. So When I posted about the boys' bedding, I hadn't found this bedding yet. I love it and even though it's not necessarily "teen worthy" 
it's perfect! 

It's the "Monsters" bed collection at Garnet Hill. A store I only recently discovered and love! It would be one of the splurges for the room especially because I would need 2, but I love it and I think my boys would love it too! I would just need to coordinate the accessory colors with this ravishing teal rather than the navy from the other bedding. Well check out Garnet Hill and have a great weekend.
That's my new view from 
Under My Mulberry Tree

Boys' Room Inspiration

It's been ages since I've posted, but things have been so busy. I've been thinking a lot about designs for different rooms in our house. Today I'm going to share my ideas for my boys' room. It's all just inspiration right now, but hopefully I'll be able to turn it into more.

Here's the breakdown (left to right/top to bottom)
Bunk beds. I found an awesome plan to make bunk beds. Ambitious I know! It's the only way I can get exactly what I want without spending a small fortune. If you haven't read Ana White's blog, YOU SHOULD! She's amazing! Anyway. The plans for the bunks can be found here on her blog. 

The chair is from Ikea. It was a little PB-esque and that's why I love it. And with a price tag of only $19.99, it sings to me!
The curtains are also from Ikea and have a great wanna-be trellis pattern on them. They're very simple but the pattern adds a little extra. 
I've recently been on an "Are there really no normal comforters for boys beds" kick. It is so hard to find non-character, non-neon, non-sports, normal and can transition from kid to teen bedding for boys! I want them to have nice bedding, but can't justify spending $80 on a duvet unless I know it's something that can grow with them, no matter what the "theme" of their room is at the time. Fortunately I found this normal plaid that could work for a lil boys dinosaur themed room, but could also transition to a teen boy's room. Having said that, I'm not actually expecting it to last that long, seeing as my boys are only 1 and 2 right now, but that's not the point. Anywhoo! I found this wonderful one at PBTeen.

The adorable robot art, I found on Etsy. If I want to actually own any of them, I had better start buying them now before someone on the other side of the country decides they want the same ones and I'm out of luck. 

The little rugs are from Ikea and are a whopping $3.99! Not sure if I'll have room in the budget for a splurge such as those. ;) They aren't big area rugs, obviously but would be great right next to the bed. 

The little Red Bench is another Ana-White design. I thought one of these bad boys would be great at the foot of the bed for putting on shoes and whatnot. 

Last, but not least, is the paint color. It's London Fog by Benjamin Moore. I love the shades of their paints. The colors are so rich and supple. Makes my heart smile. 

So that's the room I have planned for my little men from my view
Under My Mulberry Tree