Floating around in Design world are some incredible fabrics, patters, colors and textures, but I think my favorite by far is Ikat. You can get it in a variety of colors and it works for just about anything; 
drapes, pillows, bedding, cushions and even dresses and skirts
Here are a few that stood out to me and might even be making an appearance somewhere in my house. (stay tuned)

Coral has been dubbed the "IT" color for Summer 2011. Not sure by whom, but it's everywhere and I'm so glad it is because I love it! And even better is a coral Ikat courtesy of Decorative Fabrics Direct.

A timeless blue and tan could easily makes itself comfy in many styles and found on Amazon no less! Love it! 

Normally I hate traditional Southwest style anything, but this is beautiful to me. Also at DFD.

The colors of this Ikat could go in any room, but I'd prefer it in my Living Room to add some Zest! I love love love the colors of this fabric from Amazon.

This is a match to the coral, but shows that Ikat can be calm and serene as well. 

Last but not least is this gorge Blue and White Ikat. A color scheme that is also very "Big" this year. I seem to be seeing it all over the place.

That's Ikat in a nutshell looking up from 
Under my Mulberry Tree.

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