Living Room Reveal

This room is the first room that you see when you enter my home. It has seen a lot of changes over the past 3 years, but as of today, this is how it sits. I have been planning, plotting, window shopping and designing this room (and the rest of the house) for years and I'm very pleased with the end results. Who am I kidding? This is the "for now" reveal. Enjoy!














So there it is. My front living room from the day we moved in 3 years ago, to today. It was the first room in my house to be “done” and I love it. Sometimes when the rest of my house is a lot little chaotic, I come in here to just sit and relax. It is the one room in the house that I know will always be clean. It’s not too
shabby to look at either. Check back for more peaks inside my home.

Source list coming soon!

I've Been Window Shopping Again

I went out the other day with my neighbor Kim after a much needed Birthday lunch with the girls! We went to At Home. It hasn't been around these parts very long, but it's a great store for just about anything you could think of! Check out some of my finds!

This mirror was probably my favorite find! My friend standing by the mirror is prob 5'9" just to give you a point of reference. I've seen similar mirrors from big name design stores for easily TRIPLE the amount. This bad boy was only $199!!!

I love the shape of this mirror. The curves are beautiful. It is exactly what I have been looking for for above my dresser. At only $99, it's definitely on my radar!

This soft pink beauty is ideal for any little girl's room or even a bathroom. 

This grayish, bluish, gunmetal, distressed beauty, would be perfect for above my BED! I love me a good mirror. 

Do I even need to explain why this little lovely was added to the list? Gold, curves, detail. Nough said. 

I couldn't resist this modern, zebra wood, white pleather, pedestal, swivel chair. Did I mention it's also super comfy? I think it will be the perfect addition to my guest room/office makeover!

Last, but not least, my shadow. We're connected at the hip, she and I. 

What have you been window shopping for?

Trend Alert

I know they’ve been around for AGES, but a I have noticed that everyone and their mother are adding them to their nurseries. I absolutely LOVE it! Here are a few beautiful spaces that have followed the trend and “NAILED IT”!


Shae McGee Design via DecorPad


Meredith Heron Design via DecorPad

Ashlee Raubach nursery

Dylan nursery

Dylan's Nursery: Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors via: apartment therapy

Knox Nursery

Knox’s Nursery: Honey and Fitz 

Harlan's Nursery: apartment therapy


Madelyn's Nursery: Project Nursery

Opal Design Group

Zoe nursery

Zoe's Nursery: 346 Living

Reed nursery

 Reed’s Nursery: Honey and Fitz 

I don’t think this needs any explanation. These designers found ways to make poufs work in every color of the rainbow. The pouf is a great way to add a punch of personality to any room, but is particularly perfect for plopping (say that 5 times fast!) your feet on for those midnight feedings. My only question is, why didn’t I have one in mine?

All New Look

I’ve gotta say, when I set out to have my blog overhauled, I had some ideas, but Andrea with Pics-O-Andrea really brought it to life. It turned out Just how I had imagined. She’s a bit fabulous. So why the sudden change? I’m on a journey to find me again and I’m hoping that blogging about the things that I love will help. I have been accused of being a pathological “window shopper” and take my sweet time putting things together at home. It is the most accurate accusation ever! Part of my problem is budget. Whose isn’t, right? Another problem is that I have so many ideas ping ponging around in my brain that I have to peruse EVERY store on the planet to get it just right for me. There are a few problems with this. 1. I tend to change things up before a room has even been finished. I usually think, “Well it’s not finished, so I’m not changing an entirely finished room so it’s not as big of a deal.” That’s rationalization at its best! 2. I would probably save money in the long run if I just finished one thing through to the end. I have this one room in my house that I consider “done”. (For now. hehe) I LOVE it and have loved it for some time now. So I know that if I just finish, I have the ability to love it without a need to constantly change it. That’s what the next project is for right? So the point of ALL of that is that I’m going to take you on my window shopping journey and hopefully be able to finish some things along the way. I hope you’ll hang in there and tag along. So here’s what’s new.
The first major change is the overall look of the blog. (In case you hadn’t noticed) Again, Andrea did a fabulous job drawing “My San Pedro House”. Yes, that’s my house! Although I don’t have a proper “headshot” this will have to do for now. At least it has some pretties to keep me company until I can get some individual photos take. Not sure why, maybe because it feels utterly awkward, but I have never asked the photographer to take an individual photo of me before. I suppose it’s time.
Home Tour
One major change is that I’m going to actually be posting my home tour. I fell like I finally have enough of my house “done” to finally post some pictures. As I mentioned, I am an A.D.D. shopper/decorator so it has taken some time to get things comfortable around these parts. So for sure keep your eyes open for that!!
I’ve got a list of things from ALL over my house that have been DIY’d that I’ll be posting here. Some of it will be tutorials with tips that I’ve gathered along the way, and some will just be the before and afters.
Bargain Finds
This one is probably my favorite! Because of my addiction to window shopping, I tend to find REALLY good deals on things. Including amazing “Bulk Trash” finds. I love to shop and I love a good deal even MORE.
Social Media
Last, but not least, is my social media links. You can now find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin, email and (Coming Soon) Etsy with just one click!
After having baby #3 last year, I’m finally ready to get to blogging again. For me. I am in desperate need to accomplish something. If for now that means writing for my own enjoyment, then that’s good enough for me. I hope you can gain something from my blog in some way or another. Check back for some great finds, DIY’s and perhaps more about me than you ever cared to know.

How I picture It

I was going through old drafts for my blog and came across this little gem. I'm not really sure why it took my over a year to post. Oh wait. It probably has something to do with the whole, having a baby thing. I kind of fell off the face of the Earth for a while. Anywho. Here it is for your amusement.

My house is a constant work-in-progress. (As is everyone's) I've been working on ideas for my front entry for quite some time now and here are my inspiration photos with a narrative of what I drew me in from each one.
The black door is what really draws my eye to this one. It pops against the crisp white entry and looks classic. 

 I love this DIY table. I've been oogling it for decades! Kay. Maybe not THAT long, but you catch my drift. It is modern but inexpensive! Win Win!

Under said table, I would really like a bench. It would serve 2 purposes. 1. It would be an obvious way to add some interest. Obviously this one is simple in design, but it would be easy enough to get one with a pattern. 2. It's an entry. People typically take off and put on shoes in an entry. A bench would provide a convenient place to do so. 

 Other than the obvious gorgeousness of this entry, I love the garden stools flanking the table. Other than decoration, I'm certain they serve little purpose. Nonetheless, I want my blue one in my entry.

 I love a good wainscoting! I mean, who doesn't?! This picture frame molding is perfection. From the tall base, to the chunky chair rail. This is my top choice for my entry wall.  
This 2 tier board and batten is a really close 2nd. It still has the tall base and chunky chair rail. I also love the picture rail at the top and the added dimension with the row of square molding above the rail. Decisions. Desicions.

Of course a couple of these bad boys for extra lighting. 

Everyone needs an over-sized Gold framed mirror in their entry. Including me!

Here are a few beautiful entries, merely for your oogling.

House Tour: In My Own Style

Today's home Feature is of Diane's home from In My Own Style. To check out more details of her home, be sure to visit her blog!

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