CRAP! I need an iphone!

As of lately, I feel completely out of the technological loop. My trusty LG stopped turning on after 4 years and 2 owners worth of abuse love. Instead of biting the bullet and forking out the cash each month for the iphone 4s with the ever coveted Siri, I opted for a more pocketbook friendly version known as, a refurbished version of my old phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sidekick. I just want a better one. Top of the line one. Shiny one. With a pretty custom cover c/o Etsy one. Like this!


I’ve been on a creative hiatus, seeing that my creative brain cells seem to have been depleted to nothingness. In an effort to revive said brain cells, I’ve been browsing blogs, stores and magazines in hopes that sparks will fly. Instead I feel like I’ve been bombarded with iphone this and Instagram that. I love the fact that the camera on the iphone delivers crisp pictures with vibrant colors. OR. Vintage looking pictures that make me a lil nostalgic dreaming of peep toe shoes and flower covered swim caps in the Spring. I mean look at these pictures from Rockstar Diaries.

I probably won’t be satisfied until I have one. until then. . . Jealousy is what I have in its place. I suppose instead of wallowing in my sorrows I could share some photos that have lifted my spirits, if only briefly.




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I would love nothing more right now, than to sit on a dock hand in hand with the one I love, while whimsical streamers float in the wind.
Happy Wednesday!

Things for Baby

When your best friend is having a baby and it’s the first girl between the 3 kids (combined) you have total, you find yourself asking, “What to do, what to do?” Well I figured out what to do. I made a quilt!

Pattern c/o Jennifer Murphey
And some baby shoes.
Pattern c/o PreciousPatterns
And a softy. Thing.

I was so relieved to go to the baby shower to relieve some of the excitement.

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Get er Dun

Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors recently posted about her “Get er Dun” list in her home. It made me think of the little things that need to get done around my house.

The tape on this door casing has been on there since before we moved into the house last June. I can’t reach it and haven’t taken a stool in there yet to take it down. (BTW that is not the color of the paint in that room. Just in the picture.)


Because paint dries so quickly in the Summer time here in AZ, the paint peeled off with the tape! ugh! This happened in quite a few places. I still need to touch it all up.


This is the last set of switches that needs to be replaced. It’s been like this since right after we moved in.


The electrical box on this one is too far into the wall so we can’t attach the plate to it. Here it sits unattached.


Turns out the light fixture in the bathroom was painted. Although I commend their DIY efforts, it’s coming undone.


This is the hallway light fixture. It’s dated. It would cost like 30 bucks to replace it!


This is where a smoke detector should be. The battery was beeping so the Hubs took it down. It still hasn’t been put back.


This was supposed to be a sign that says “PLAY”. Well I didn’t like how it turned out so I primed over it and it’s been sitting in my lil guy’s room for a few months. We’ll see what it turns into.
(This is the color of the walls in the room from the first picture)

Good luck to me! I should prob get started. Thanks Danielle for the inspiration.