House Tour: Pure Style Home

I am always looking for inspiring places out there and I think this one fits the bill. Lauren's home, from Pure Style Home, is absolutely beautiful! It's even more stunning when you see what she started with in the "BEFORE" pictures. She has done a fabulous job putting her home together and making it Pure Style.

                                                 The House

                                                  The Entry

                                         The Living Room

                                               The Kitchen

                                        The Dining Room

                                                 The Office

                                                The Master

                                          Bathroom Peak 

                                            Lil Guy's Room

                                               The Nursery

I couldn't pick a favorite if I wanted to. THe kitchen is an amazing transformation. The nursery walls and the canvas. The lion mural with chalkboard on the lil guy's closet doors. . . and her Master Bedroom is stunning! Not to mention the living room! It just looks so welcoming. It has so much style, but it doesn't look "don't touch anything" kinda style. It feels inviting and cozy. I hope you check out her blog. Especially the full house tour to see the befores as well.

Fabric: Kalah Blue

Ever since I first saw Kirsten Krason's living room with this fabulous fabric, I kinda became its stalker. It's beautiful! My plan is to eventually have a couple panels either in my room or the family room. Who knows, maybe BOTH! Here are a few other places I've seen this beauty show up. Enjoy! 


LOVE! Here's to hopin I can get mine!
I've been trying to decide what to hang on the walls in my new craft room. I've got a few things in mind, but when I talked to my sis about it, she told me about this fabulous thread holder that she pinned from Craptastic.
First of all, I have to say that I LOVE the blog name; CRAPTASTIC. I mean that's friggin awesome. hehe.
Anywho, here's the project.

Notice the shape of the nails? It's an "H". So cute.


What a terrific idea. Plywood and some nails? Who doesn't have those things laying around? I know I do and I'm sure gonna have one of these. On top of functionality, it has limitless possibilities for the design. It could be cut into any shape and painted or stained with any color or design. Get craftin!

House Tour: Decor and the Dog

The thing that I love the most about Michelle's house tour over at Decor and the Dog, is that everything has a place and everything is in its place. It's a nice change of pace from my crazy little house with 2 toddler boys running a muck. Sit back and relax. Her home is absolutely lovely! Keep an eye out for little updates from pic to pic. You'll love them!


                                               Living Room

                                            Laundry Room

                              Kitchen/Breakfast Nook


                                               Guest Room

                                             Powder Room


                                         Master Bedroom

                                               Master Bath

Isn't it just lovely!?! And that powder room, is. to. die. for! The entire house seems so clean and crisp and relaxing. I just love it! Check out the rest of her blog to personally witness her awesomeness!