Family Pictures: An Evolution

When we had our first baby, Hunter, the cool thing as far as family pictures goes was to have them taken in a Target Portrait Studio or something of the like. By the time the next one rolled around (exactly 53 weeks later) we had discovered the miracle of outdoor pictures done by a real life family photographer. We did those consistently for a few years and then all of a sudden, we stopped. Right when we had a great reason to keep getting them, we stopped. The birth of our baby girl sent us into family picture hiding. Well, almost 3 years later, we FINALLY had our beloved photos taken again and I could not be happier. We always seem to find a photographer that meets our exact need at just the right time. Here is the evolution of our family pictures.








It's fun to see the progression of our little family in pictures. They are my pride and joy. My life.

I really wanted our clothes to be subtle this year. Understated. Understated doesn't have to mean boring though. By adding patterns in neutral colors, it kept things from being bland. Stripes, gingham, and a subtle aztec pattern added just the right amount of depth to keep me interested.

Did I mention our photographer was seriously great!?! We had just met her and when she mentioned she was a budding photographer, I knew we had to take advantage of her talents before she took off back to Idaho. Boy am I glad we did! Seriously, if you're in Eastern Idaho, snag a slot before she's booked! Her info is right here

What We Wore 2015
The Hubs: Shirt-Old Navy (similar here) Jeans-Levis, Shoes-1901; Moi: Shirt-Loft (similar here) Skinnies-Old Navy (similar here) Sandals-Saltwaters, Necklace- Jungwha (3 rings for my 3 babies) Watch- Fossil (similar here); Hunter: Shirt-Target (similar styles here and here) Shorts- H&M Shoes-Children's Place (similar here); Nash: Shirt-Target, Shorts-Crazy8, Sandals-Saltwaters; Sadie: Shirt-Swallow's Return (my favorite shirt EVER) Bubble Shorts-Old Navy (similar here) Sandals-Saltwaters

Not sure if you noticed, but just about EVERYTHING is no longer availabe. Wanna know why!?! We already had ALL of it!!! I did not have to go out and purchase a single thing for our pictures this year! As much fun as it is to go shopping (believe you me!) it was FANTASTIC to be able to walk into each of our closets and find clothes that were picture ready! Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

Photographers Over the Years
2009 & 2010- Cami @ Captivated Candids
2011- Aunt Nikki
2014- Bob Kaufman (also did our wedding photos 10 years ago)
2015- Melissa @ Melissa Hill Photography (was in AZ for a short while, but is back in Eastern Idaho. I'm hoping she comes back to us!)


  1. Love these! We definitely need more family photos. Where were your most recent ones taken? Salt River? And I'm gonna need details on all of everyone's outfits because {insert hand making ok symbol representing "on fleek" here}

    1. Haha. Thank you!! You are too kind! I'll add details about who wore what! Yes this is down by the Salt River at the Coon Bluff Campground. There were wild horses but they were across the river so we didn't have any in our shots. 😔 Maybe next time since the horses are staying! 😉