Good Deal

In light of recent events moving into the house and all, I have been going crazy wanting to add personal touches everywhere. One place that I was able to personalize a bit was my Master Closet. I added a chic light fixture that I found at Lowes

The best part? 
The sticker price is $99. I paid half! "On sale?" you ask. Not really. It was an extra display light that they didn't have room for and didn't have a sticker. So the department head told me I could have it for half! WHOO HOO!! Yes Please! 

I already has this light from Ikea, but it hung too low. 

It was a Housewarming gift from my Brother and Grandparents and I couldn't just return it without getting something just as pleasing. Hence the new light. I love this one so much more. I'll post pictures of the actual closet when I finish it, so these stock photos will have to do for now.

Pretty Pictures

I love the color combination of all of these pictures! They are subtle and vintage looking, but add just enough color to make a room beautiful!

I found the photos on Etsy at LolasRoom.

Go find some beautiful art of your own and share it with someone. I'll keep sharing here, 
Under My Mulberry Tree

New House!

So it has happened! We finally bought our First House and couldn't be more elated! I smile every time I drive up to it and and just so happy when I'm inside! It has so much character that you can't hardly find anywhere in AZ anymore. It's perfect! Well almost perfect. It still needs a little TLC if ya know what I mean. wink wink. 
Before we actually moved in, we took an ENTIRE DAY with these people helping majorly (Mom and Pops the in-laws, Kid bro-in-law that's actually older than me, Dude that married Kim other bro-in-law, the Hubs and me. My bro showed up in there too) to get the place clean enough that we didn't say, "Don't touch that! It's ucky!" to our little munchkins every time they tried to walk on the carpet or touch a light switch. During the events of the day, the Hubs and Kid decided to rip the carpet out because it was beyond being helped with just, "Oh we can shampoo that out." Since we ripped it all out on Monday, we had to find someone that could install decent carpet by Friday so we could be ready to move in on Sat. Since carpet was going in on Fri, the Hubs decided we should paint EVERYTHING NOW! So Pops and the Hubs, 2 of my cousins and I set to work painting like maniacs. We found out during the process that Pops had been a pro painter earlier in his life and nobody knew. It was a trade that came in very handy. He worked like an animal and we couldn't be more grateful! It looks beautiful! 
Once we got everything moved in I was able to start "settling." Little did I know. . . the art and pictures that I have, all of a sudden seem "not good enough for my new house." hehe. You ever run into that before? It was great for the apartment, but now it seems ho hum. That's the problem that I'm facing. I have our family pictures in place, but have yet to decide what the heck I'm going to do with everything else. It'll come in time I suppose. I just wish I had a million dollars right now to just go crazy with. Don't we all. Anywho. . . Here are some of the before pictures. I'll reference back to them as I post "Afters"

Living Room

Family Room

Kitchen and Dining

Pantry (love, love LOVE it!)

Main Bath (the yellow is horrible in real life)

Play Room (Yes that's blue paint swirled on the wall)

Craft Room (I'm so blessed)

You know you want that ceiling fan!

Vanity in Master
This is what NOT to do with gold.

My Oh So Wonderful Closet!

The not so wonderful master shower. Also ucky)

So there you have it. My house BEFORE I started anything. Now it has new carpet and paint. There is also a bonus room off the back of the house that I don't have a picture of. It's going to be the Hubs' "Man Cave." That's right; Man Cave and Craft Room! Saweeet!! 
In the words of my Grandpa, "It's going to be so wonderful when you're done with it" hehe. Love him!
Although I don't have a Mulberry Tree in the yard they've been banned from AZ cause they have too many allergens. I can still dream from underneath.