Good Deal

In light of recent events moving into the house and all, I have been going crazy wanting to add personal touches everywhere. One place that I was able to personalize a bit was my Master Closet. I added a chic light fixture that I found at Lowes

The best part? 
The sticker price is $99. I paid half! "On sale?" you ask. Not really. It was an extra display light that they didn't have room for and didn't have a sticker. So the department head told me I could have it for half! WHOO HOO!! Yes Please! 

I already has this light from Ikea, but it hung too low. 

It was a Housewarming gift from my Brother and Grandparents and I couldn't just return it without getting something just as pleasing. Hence the new light. I love this one so much more. I'll post pictures of the actual closet when I finish it, so these stock photos will have to do for now.

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  1. ya. that ikea chandilear hangs WAAYYY too low. I was going to put that in my girls room, but matt was hitting his head on it. BOOO. I cant wait to see more pics of your charming new house.