Nightstand Inspirations

I've been seeing bamboo furniture all over Blogland and wanted a piece for my own home. When I found the little table that I posted about yesterday, I knew that was the perfect piece for me. When I picked it up, it was at least twice the size that it looked in the picture. I didn't turn it down. I knew that I could still work with it and make it even more unique that my original plans. Here are a few pictures that originally inspired me. 

I love that the bamboo looks great in basically ANY color, like these pink chairs. LOVE.

These little side tables would have been absolutely perfect, but sadly, they aren't available anymore. I would have loved the aqua one in the back.

The shape of this one is most reminiscent of the table I acquired. 
Here's THAT nursery again. I LOVE the use of so many colors. The bright green is what I really love about this picture. So naturally, that's the color (ish) that I chose for our little table. I can't wait to show you the end result.

Sneak Peek

I'll be picking up this little beauty this evening. It's a gem of a Craigslist find. I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

Etsy: Halloween/Fall Wreaths

There are sooo many amazing wreaths out there! These were just a few that really caught my eye. If you notice, wreaths 1-4 and 13-16 are all from the same shop; The Chic- Adee Shop. She has 66 wreaths posted and I would buy any of them in a heartbeat! If buying isn't your normal forte, then just look around for great inspirations for your own DIY wreath. They are probably one of the easiest crafts to do because there are thousands of options.

Relax and Stay a While

Sometimes while I'm surfing the web, I can't help but oogle at beautiful nurseries. I have never been a fan of 'character' rooms. Probably because my mother never was. We didn't usually have 'character' shirts, sheets or shoes. I'm actually happy about this. It makes you get creative and characterize yourself and not label yourself as a specific character. So, in light of not being labeled and slapped with a character, here are some beautiful nurseries that are sure to inspire these little ones to become their own character.

This last one is one of my favorites! I love the eclectic feel of this one and the first one. Cohesive, but not matchy matchy. Hope you enjoyed and are inspired to create a room where your little one can become their own.

Image Sources

Keep it Clean

With the Germy Season rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of the top spots that germs like to reside the most. It's not very surprising, but when you think about how often you touch these things, you might consider giving them a second go of the disinfecting wipes. 

-Kitchen Sponges/Wash Cloths
     Well there's really no surprise there! To help keep those germs from spreading, don't let your rags chill overnight on the counter. Wash them after EVERY use. Yes this can get tedious, but if you just throw it in with the current load, it'll work out great. As for the sponge. . . put it in the dishwasher with your dishes.

-Kitchen Sinks, Toothbrush Holders and Countertops
     This one seems like a duh, however, how often do you think about washing your toothbrush holder? I know I don't very often. After I thought about it, All of the lil germys that reside on there are all to familiar with the tool that cleans my mouth!!! GROSS! Throw it in the dishwasher. Or soak it in some bleach water. (read the bleach container for instructions)

-Bathroom Faucets, TV Remotes, Refrigerator Handles and doorknobs
     Every time someone is sick, these things get touched. The cold virus can stay on these surfaces for up to 24 hours! Try including them in your daily or weekly routine. If someone gets the sniffles, clean them right away!

-ATM Keypad. 
     I know I've thought about this being a yucky spot, but not many people carry around disinfecting wipes in their purse. As an alternative, you can carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer to use just after.

-Shopping Carts
     How many times have we heard about E. coli lurking on our shopping carts? It makes sense since that's where a little babies diapered poo bum sits. Ewe again! Luckily, most grocery stores provide sanitizing wipes just for that. All you have to do is grab one and use it BEFORE you put your broccoli and bananas there.

So there it is. The top places for nasty germs and bacteria *according to a recent Reader's Digest study provided by microbiologist Elizabeth Scott among others. I'm not saying you have to go all germaphobe on me because we also know that some germs help us build a good immune system. Just add a few things to your regular cleaning list to help keep you and you fam healthy. 

Navy Blue Velvet

After reading this post at Elements of Style, I instantly fell in love with Navy Blue Velvet!!! What's NOT to love? It's navy blue. It's velvet. Nough said.


 I knew that I liked it before, but this time, something clicked! A plush chair covered in decadent Navy blue velvet to snuggle up with a lush throw under a gold lamp to read a book on a stormy night, would be the perfect addition to my master retreat. I came up with this idea board and overall, I like the look.  Actually I LOVE the look. It has just enough of everything to make it a good eclectic balance. Now I just need to put it all together!

 I've got a good start with the nightstand, and part of the bedding. I suppose you have to start somewhere, right?

Shopping List
City-scape art- Ikea
Gold Lamp- Urban Outfitters
Navy Chair- Graham and Green (Way beyond my budget so I'll have to thrift and reupholster)
Rug- Ikea
Nightstand- DIY Project
Curtains- Calico Corners fabric (inspired by Kirsten Krason)
Mirror- Kirkland's
Bedding- Pottery Barn

Sarah Pinto

On my most recent visit to Deliciously Organized, there was a giveaway (now closed), featuring Sarah Pinto planners. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I LOVE notebooks and planners. I'm somewhat of a collector of cute notebooks and journals. Do I use one all up before I start on a new one? . . . Of course not! If I find one I like better (or that just suits my current mood better) I'll switch cold turkey. 

So when I saw the modern designs on the Sarah Pinto planners AND notebooks, I about had a heart attack! THEN I discovered that a portion of her proceeds go to a cause that is near and dear to her heart. (and mine) She donates it to Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Her little boy was born with heart problems and has had heart surgeries since day 2 of his precious life. Having a cousin that went through the same thing that recently passed away, made the decision to get one of these AH-MAZING planners a total no-brainer. Now I just HAVE to have one.

They are affordable and look like they'd totally be worth every penny! 

I'm getting mine. Are you getting yours!?!

House Updates

Recently, I had a conversation with my sister, Courtney about how I don't have any projects to blog about. She brought up a good point. . . "What about all of the little updates that you've been doing to your house?" (not exact words. In fact, this is a compilation of like 4 conversations.) Me: "Like what?" Court: "Well like the light switches, and blinds and this and that." I tell you what. . . she's so smart that sister of mine! 

We've haven't gotten around to any major decorating yet, because we've been working on getting the house to normal before it can be extravagant! So here are some pictures to show our "progress" on our little Victorian that we call home.
Before-although nice and bright. . . neighbors can see right through to the back of the house and in the kitchen as well. . . NO PRIVACY!

After-Freshly painted walls and new blinds to boot! Originally we wanted to get wood blinds because that's what is in the rest of the house. When we had them priced, we realized that for $130, we could get faux wood blinds (that will be easier to maintain) instead of the real ones for $500 (that are now chipping in the boys' rooms) Realistically, nobody can tell the difference unless you examine them. Now we can walk around in our underwear pj's at night without creeping out our neighbors.

Here is the only "Before" picture that I have of the back doors. If you look really closely at the trim, you can see the botched paint job that the previous owners started. No priming, let alone sanding, and they didn't even finish the 2 coats. Amateur! I thought I was bad about not finishing projects! They even started to paint the window separators on the inside of the door. . . again just one strip. I'm embarrassed to show that one. 

After- I finally busted out the painter's tape and white paint. I always have both. I finished the job that they started. It looked so unfinished and I didn't want people that haven't been here before to think that WE did that. So I finished it and WE the hubs hung blinds that they left in the garage. I'm not a fan that the base doesn't match this door trim and that this door trim is the only one in the house that is painted. BUT, it's a start and maybe now the hubs will see how good it CAN look and will immediately jump on board with painting the rest starting tomorrow! . . . and then I woke up from my fantasy.

Another project that we undertook was changing all of the light switches. They started out as the old school toggle switches. They didn't all match. Some were white, some were this color, and some double switches had one of each. 

 We just switched them all out for new updated, flat switches. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

 We had the same problem with the outlets, so we switched all of them too.
I thought about giving a tutorial on how to change these, (because it's SUPER EASY!) but decided you had better consult a licensed electrician instead. ;)

So there you have it! We have been making progress. I just wish we had an endless budget to just renovate everything at once, but we live in reality and reality is. . . we take it one thing at a time after dreaming up our ideas from
Under the Mulberry Tree

Medicine Cabinet or Mirror?

As I've been collecting ideas for our Master Bath "Someday Renno", I've been trying to decide if I want built in Medicine Cabinets or not. I definitely DO NOT want the ginormo builder grade mirror from the mid 80's when the house was built. I also know that I DO want something frame-less. I would prefer to have either without a bulky frame that I will just want to change later. If I get one with NO frame then the chances of it being out-dated are smaller. I just need to decide what will work best for us.

 If I were to have a medicine cabinet, it would look something like this piece of lovely, from RH.

 However, I would have a hard time convincing myself let alone the hubs to pay a whopping $795 PER cabinet. Thus, this option, no matter how beautiful, is definitely OUT.

Although these are hardly the RH version of a recessed medicine cabinet, these cabinets from HD are a close 2nd and more in my price range.

Since I don't want a framed mirror, what other option is there for a non cabinet, you ask?
Something like this. . .

The first mirror is from the Basement Bathroom completed by Aubrey and Lindsay from
  Aubrey+Lindsays Little House Blog. Isn't it beautiful!?! She MADE it herself! Amazing job if you ask me.

The Second is an exquisite vanity from Michelle at Ten June

Both bathrooms are amazing and feel like a breath of fresh air. You HAVE to check them out! 
(you may notice a similar feel to the bathrooms, yet they are very different and both are beautiful! Which is why I love them)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of the airy swivel mirrors. The only problem is that you either have to have a shelf,
similar to this,

or you have to have ample storage in a vanity or closet for bathroom essentials. My preferred selection would be the swivel mirrors that can be found inexpensively at HD or Lowes. I just have to find the right vanity to accompany them.


"Frenemy" (alternately spelled "frienemy") is a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy" that can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend. (definition via Wikipedia)

Over the past few years as I have taken on DIY projects, I have made myself a frenemy. It is something that I love, love, love the look of. I think it finishes off an upholstery project just beautifully. I'm terrified to try it myself. My mom showed me one time how to do it and I think it seems easy enough, but for some reason I am just petrified of it. Normally I'm pretty confident in my ability to see something and recreate it in my own way, or even as a replica. But THIS. . . just stops me dead in my tracks. 

What could this Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad THING be? Piping! That's it! It seems silly now that I jot it down 'out loud' but it just gets me. 

It obviously adds personality, sophistication, and a finishing touch to a piece of upholstered anything. I would love to be able to just whip out a piece of reupholstered furniture with the elegant touch of a piping detail much like those featured above. Until I am able to muster up the courage to even TRY it, I'll be stuck. In this black hole of wanting it. Maybe someday. . .

Printables that I Love

I LOVE these No Soliciting Printables from Anything but Perfect

These "Extra" Printables are from Brie @ Darling Doodles

 As always, LilLuna DOES NOT disappoint! Snag your own Keep Calm printables

The Price is Right for Baby Showers is an awesome idea. Wanna Play? LilLuna will hook you up.

I love these Morning Routine cards from Living Locurto. Great reminder for little ones. . . or not so little ones

After School Conversation cards are a great way to communicate with your kids because they aren't always the best at it. The can be downloaded from TheCraftingChicks 

Brie over at Darling Doodles also has some great Bathroom Printables

Have a printable you would like to share? Let me know and we can add it to the list!

Kitchen Renno

I totally wish that this post was about MY kitchen Renno! You would probably feel the same if you remember my BEFORE photo.

Pink counters anyone? Anywho. . . I came across this amazing kitchen renovation by Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage. The horrendousness of the Before pictures of her kitchen are a little reminiscent of the horrendousness of my kitchen, but her AFTER photos are fabulous!   I can only hope that when we eventually get around to updating ours, that the results will be just as satisfying. See for yourself.

I feel like every detail was thought through, down to the craft caddy that she used for her silverware. The details make me smile bigger each time I see them.

*Yes, I am aware that horrendousness was fabricated by my own fabulousness! 

What do you love/hate about your kitchen?