10 Fabulous Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Preparing for Valentine's Day? I'm not one to go all crazy with my food for each holiday, but I think I'll be trying at least one of these this year! After all, Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year!

Red Velvet Pancakes; Southern Living (there's even a how to video!!)

Two Toned Heart Pancakes: Your Commissary Insider via By Stephanie Lynn

Links to Love: The Paper Mama

Roasted Heart Potatoes: Haniela's

Heart Cinnamon Rolls: Poppies at Play (Whether or not I make these for Valentine's Day has yet to be determined. I will, however, be making my next batch of cinnamon rolls like this regardless of when it is!)

Heart Toast: One Little Project

Pink Ribbon Cinnamon Rolls: Love From the Oven
These were actually made for Pink Ribbon Month but they would be perfect for Valentine's Day too!

Valentine's Day Egg in the Basket: Reclaiming Provincial

How Could I have a list like this and not mention Strawberry Crepes!?! My all time favorite breakfast!
Strawberry Crepes: Utah Munchies

Last but not least...
Heart Shaped French Toast and Berries: A Pretty Cool Life

I have not decided which one yet, but I'll let you know how it goes! I might even get crazy and try a few!