FINALLY! A Reveal!

I've been busy busy lately, but finally feel like something is finished. While the Hubs was out of town on a business trip, I got the itch to paint stripes. . . So I did. This little cove was the perfect place for it. Not too much wall, but you see it right when you walk into the house so it has a big impact. I couldn't be happier!

A laser level is a MUST when you're trying to put the tape on the wall. Without it, your tape WILL NOT be straight! I found this handy one that just tacks onto the wall.
TIP: (I hope this makes sense) For the stripe you will be painting, measure on the INSIDE of the tape to get the correct height of the stripe. For the stripe you WILL NOT be painting: measure from the INSIDE of the tape on the painted stripe, and place the level. Then put the tape BELOW the laser line. The non painted stripes should look way smaller than the ones you'll paint. It also helps to mark the ones you'll be painting before you start so you don't accidentally start painting the wrong one. 

Then Paint Away!

I learned really quickly that paint dries A LOT faster in AZ than any other state that I've lived in. It's so dry here that it sucks the moisture out. No big deal? It is a big deal. You have to peel the tape off almost immediately after you apply the final coat of paint or the tape will peel off your paint. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my wall. Now I just need a lil somthin to house the printer and tower to free up some desk top space. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Minor Adjustments

Well, it finally came!!! My porch swing showed up yesterday. As soon as I saw that FedEx truck pull up, I opened the door and waited with the hugest smile on my face. He could tell I was pretty excited and kinda chuckled. I was a little embarrassed but was too excited to care. I didn't want to wait for The Hubs so I got to work and assembled it. Install was a bit tricky. We don't have a ladder so I took our kitchen chair to the porch and put a stool on top of the chair. Then I was able to reach the hooks. I was so ready to use it. I hung the swing from the chains and took a step back. . . This is what I saw. . .
Please excuse the dead vine. I need to "get it gone." 

With my 4'11" frame, the seat of the swing comes up to my chest. I'll be buying more chain today so that I can actually use my birthday present. With a few fabulous pillows, it will be ready for those cool Winter nights we have ahead of us here in AZ.

Staging a Nightstand

I have recently been struggling with how to stage my nightstand. It is a place that I can "stage" and not have to worry about it getting messed up by everyday life. I feel like every time I move something or try to rearrange it, it just looks weird. I've figured out that when it comes to the nightstand, this is a place to add interest and pizzazz to a room! Pictures, mirrors, flowers, lamps and trinket trays. Here are some beautifully staged nightstands that will hopefully help me get the job done!

Another thing that I like about nightstands is that the accessories can seem random, but organized at the same time. 
Is your nightstand staged?

Feeling Lucky!

Yesterday a dear friend of my family, she was more like a 2nd mom than anything else, went under the knife for a routine, yet not so routine, surgery. On Saturday I received an email from her letting me, and others, know that she was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I cried a little when I read the letter, but found peace in her positive outlook. She had gone to her Dr. for a mammogram (like a good little girl) and that was how they were able to detect it early on. She reassured us that she was going to be alright and I can't help but believe her. Her faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ, is real, as is mine and we know that he will not leave her to fight this alone. She has an amazing support system and I know so many people that have so much love for her. 

After hearing this news I couldn't help but reflect upon my own life. I am so blessed to have the family that I do. ALL of them. My siblings and I all get along. We have our quirks, but we still love each other. I still have all of my grandparents here, which is rare. I have the BEST in-laws in the World! (ALL of them!) I don't know that I could ask for better cousins either. My 2 little boys are amazing and make my heart smile! The hubs is so supportive of me and my "projects", despite the fact that he thinks I'm crazy every time I start a new one. If he doesn't like something that I've done, he might let me know, but he would never ask me to change it back. He eventually smiles and gets used to it! :) I love my life and I love my Savior. I am blessed. 

By The Way. Here is a sneak peak of my latest project.

My New Obsession: Navy and Pink

Navy and pink can be found on just about anything! In a fabulous Ensamble, a Wedding Party, a Room or even an IPhone case.  Check it out!

Go Chic

Or Greek

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What's your recent color-spiration?

Round Table: After

I finally finished the round table project. It ended up being a little bit trickier than my original plan. (2 coats of spray paint) When I went to pick up the table, it was HUGE!!! Like table for a little patio set huge. Maybe not THAT big, but it was at least twice as big a round as I was expecting. For 10 bucks though, it was still a great deal. As I was putting it in my car I thought, man this would fit better if it were cut in half! There it was! I'm going to cut it in half and have a table for BOTH boys!! Pure genius! I've seen this done a few places, but here's inspiration from a fav blog of mine, Gus and Lula.

Both the desk, and her floating shelves in her foyer started out as on table and were made into these beauties. 

Remember the "Before"

Here is what I turned it into. . .

The green on this one ended up being a bit more neon than apple like the monsters on the bed. So it'll stay neon until I can find the right apple green.

I simply attached a small "L" bracket to each table that I then screwed into the wall. I LOVE how they turned out and more importantly, both boys LOVE having their own table. I'm still working on accessories, so don't judge too harshly. I'm getting there!

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! Although it's taboo to ask a woman her age, I still have a hard time considering myself a woman, (so I don't mind sharing) despite the fact that I've been married for 6+ years, have a house and a 2&3 y/o. I still haven't figured out what the guidelines are for being a "woman". Sometimes I feel 'womanly', like when I look in the mirror and realize that after having 2 kids in this 4' nothin frame, I have the curves of a woman. I'm talking VA VA VOOM here ladies. 

Being 4'11", I think that has a lot to do with not feeling like an adult woman. After yesterday, however, I feel a little more like a woman, since I hit the quarter of a century mark! It's a big age and I suppose comes with a lot of responsibility, but no more than when I was 24. It's funny how that works. 
Anywho, My birthday was wonderful! I spent the day with my boys, my Besty, Heidi, and my Boyfriend Hubby, Andrew. Best of all was my surprise gift! Not because of the gift itself, although I'm freakin excited for it, but because the Hubs picked it out. And it's something that I really really want! And it wasn't even on my Birthday list! Which means. . . HE WAS LISTENING!!!
If you remember the exterior of our house from this post, you remember that it is victorian style. It has that little "castle" (that's what my 3 y/o calls it) on the end which looks perfect for a porch swing. (It even has the hooks already) I originally fell in love with the house because of the porch and the Hubs said, "Yeah, but we won't ever use it." I replied with, " If we had a porch swing or at least some chairs, but a swing would be perfect, I would use it all the time to watch the kids." That was the last of that and now we get to have one.

Here's the one that I picked out. I can't wait!!!

I'm so excited to sit out there and read  a  book, or watch my kids ride their bikes in the great Winter weather that we have here in the Valley of the Sun.

Happy Dreaming!