My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! Although it's taboo to ask a woman her age, I still have a hard time considering myself a woman, (so I don't mind sharing) despite the fact that I've been married for 6+ years, have a house and a 2&3 y/o. I still haven't figured out what the guidelines are for being a "woman". Sometimes I feel 'womanly', like when I look in the mirror and realize that after having 2 kids in this 4' nothin frame, I have the curves of a woman. I'm talking VA VA VOOM here ladies. 

Being 4'11", I think that has a lot to do with not feeling like an adult woman. After yesterday, however, I feel a little more like a woman, since I hit the quarter of a century mark! It's a big age and I suppose comes with a lot of responsibility, but no more than when I was 24. It's funny how that works. 
Anywho, My birthday was wonderful! I spent the day with my boys, my Besty, Heidi, and my Boyfriend Hubby, Andrew. Best of all was my surprise gift! Not because of the gift itself, although I'm freakin excited for it, but because the Hubs picked it out. And it's something that I really really want! And it wasn't even on my Birthday list! Which means. . . HE WAS LISTENING!!!
If you remember the exterior of our house from this post, you remember that it is victorian style. It has that little "castle" (that's what my 3 y/o calls it) on the end which looks perfect for a porch swing. (It even has the hooks already) I originally fell in love with the house because of the porch and the Hubs said, "Yeah, but we won't ever use it." I replied with, " If we had a porch swing or at least some chairs, but a swing would be perfect, I would use it all the time to watch the kids." That was the last of that and now we get to have one.

Here's the one that I picked out. I can't wait!!!

I'm so excited to sit out there and read  a  book, or watch my kids ride their bikes in the great Winter weather that we have here in the Valley of the Sun.

Happy Dreaming!


  1. ooohhhh! I can hardly wait to see it all hung up and looking oh so gorgeous! Because let's face it, everything you touch turns fabulous!
    Happy Birthday!!!