Minor Adjustments

Well, it finally came!!! My porch swing showed up yesterday. As soon as I saw that FedEx truck pull up, I opened the door and waited with the hugest smile on my face. He could tell I was pretty excited and kinda chuckled. I was a little embarrassed but was too excited to care. I didn't want to wait for The Hubs so I got to work and assembled it. Install was a bit tricky. We don't have a ladder so I took our kitchen chair to the porch and put a stool on top of the chair. Then I was able to reach the hooks. I was so ready to use it. I hung the swing from the chains and took a step back. . . This is what I saw. . .
Please excuse the dead vine. I need to "get it gone." 

With my 4'11" frame, the seat of the swing comes up to my chest. I'll be buying more chain today so that I can actually use my birthday present. With a few fabulous pillows, it will be ready for those cool Winter nights we have ahead of us here in AZ.

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  1. Love the swing!!! That is too funny that it hangs high. Just have a running start and wear a helmet-

    I love seeing all the updates you do to your house! Lets get together sometime before the Christmas frenzy