New Year's

Getting ready for a New Year's celebration can be tricky. From deciding what to eat, to finding ways to keep everyone entertained until the golden hour. Personally, since I had kids I've been a bit of a dud on New Year's Eve. I have rarely made it to midnight. Every year I wake up thinking, "What happened to me?" So this year we'll be hosting a few friends in hopes that I can party like a rock star ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Here are a few ideas I've picked up around blogland for the celebration.

Baked Zucchini Sticks and Sweet Onion Dip from King Arthur Flour

I LOVE zucchini and this looks fabulous! I don't know anyone that wouldn't love to have this tonight!

Sweet n' Salty Honey Cheese Dip from My Recipes

Who doesn't love a good cheese log!?! These are one of my favorites. 

Queso Blanco from Pennies on a Platter

Being a Mexican food LOVER  a good queso is always on my appetizer list.

Good luck with your New Year's celebration. Stay Safe!

Like Magic

"It finally came! Just like clockwork, it came again. We opened the package from Grandma and Grandpa S. just like every year. I reached into the oversized box handling every gift with butterfly like fingers, careful not to disturb the vibrant wrapping paper. Not that it mattered. Grandma S. used more tape wrapping our presents than a scrapbook convention. I continued emptying the box one gift at a time until . . . JACKPOT!
My heart fluttered, almost worried it hadn't made it into the package this year. Grandpa came through again. I pulled the tin foil wrapped squares out and read the names aloud until we all had them. Sis, Bugs, Muff, Lou and Buck. Each of us dealt with this present a bit differently. A few tore it open and enjoyed, not me. I like to save the ribbon, so I'm careful with the delicate red ribbon. Gently pulling back the corner of the foil, I can smell it. Sweet, creamy and divine. The color is just as it's supposed to be. Just as I remember from last Christmas. I break off a little piece and squish it together just a little bit and pop it into my mouth, not chewing, but letting it melt as to savor the taste of Grandpa's Peanut Butter Fudge."

Every year that I lived at home, my mom's parent's sent a package of gifts for as long as I can remember. Grandpa's peanut butter fudge was the only thing that we didn't have to wait to open. We usually only have it at Christmas time so that it doesn't lose its specialness. I seriously still have some of the foil from years ago because the tag stuck to it has my grandpa's writing on it. Not very many things have that anymore. Anywho. . . the recipe has been passed to my aunts, uncle, mom cousins and siblings when we turned 18. Except me. That age came and went years ago and my mom never taught me how to make the fudge. No Big, you say. Just have her email it, you say. Just get the recipe, you say. HA! That's cute, because when I say super top secret fudge, I mean SUPER TOP SECRET!!! Only blood relatives have the recipe and it CANNOT be written down. After I turned 18 I moved a lot. Mostly out of state a few, 6 times. That made it difficult to get together just for a fudge making session. So the other night I had had enough waiting. I called my mom and said I would like to know NOW. Please. Then last night I attempted my first batch of the fudge. I put on my super baker cape apron and went to work. It. Was. Perfection. 

Does your family have a Top Secret Recipe? I'd love to know about it! Just what it's for I mean.

Right about the time I was posting this. . . This

Did This.

I can't get mad at that face.

Linked up at

I about DIED!

Any of you that have NOT read Mandi's blog Vintage Revivals, is seriously missing out! She is just about as fabulous as they come. Her home is fabulous beyond words, she's been on the Nate Berkus Show TWICE and is a thrift store crazed hoarding junkie just like I want to be. I mean that in the best way possible. On my last visit to her blog she revealed her Entry with the most Ah-Mazing ceiling EVER! Check it out. . .

Didjya catch a peek at that ceiling!?!

A herringbone ceiling! ARE you KIDDING me!?!

 And THAT bike mural!  Nough said.

 Ah sweet lovelyness. 

I have found my next project. My main bath received a mini makeover, but need something "else" to finish the look. Aside from new tub surround tiles and shower curtain. This is JUST the jujj it needs. I CAN'T wait to do this. The Hubs WILL be horrified by the thought of this, so he will not be privy to the idea before it's completed. Am I the only one who has this issue? I hope not. 

Stocking Stuffers

Because I have 2 littles that I'm constantly trying to find new things for, I browse places that have slipped my mind. Places that I know exist, but aren't on my everyday shop stop. Here are a few fun ideas I've found for stocking stuffers. Mostly for boys since that's what I have and cool things for boys can be hard to find.

These "Chillbots", from 77kids, are so cute! What little guy wouldn't LOVE to have robot ice cubes!?!

They even have a little castle for the Princess in your life.

Plush Soldier Bowling from Anthro would be great for little littles

I'm loving this wooden fishing set (also from Anthro). My littles would go crazy over this and it's so simple.

Looking for great kid styles, but are out of ideas? Here are a few places that I've found great ideas and deals! Check them out!

Good luck with your Holiday Shopping and enjoy this Christmas Season!

Porch Swing Progress

 Remember this post? Well we fixed the height of the swing almost immediately and I spend so much time out there. My littles love to play outside with the neighbors and I have a place to sit and watch. I added a splash with this pillow. I tackled 2 new sewing adventures in the process; piping and a zipper! When I left the pillow out, the Hubs asked where I bought it, which means I did a good job! I am so excited about it.

I got the fabric from Joann's with my 40% off coupon so it was only $11/yd! Wowza! I had been eyeing this fabric online, but just couldn't pull the trigger. Once I saw it in Joann's I bought the rest of the bolt. I decided to recover my dining chairs in the same fabric. (That reveal will come later when I finally finish refinishing my chairs.)

I still have a few things in mind to keep my swing company, like this from Urban Outfitters.

And perhaps a little table like this from Overstock.

I can't wait until I have more to show!


Guest Post: Arcadian Lighting

I am so excited to be presenting this guest post today! It is my first guest post and I couldn't have asked for a better one! Joanna @ Arcadian Lighting took the time to put together this AH-MAZING post for us. Without further ado, take it away Joanna.

Hi, I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, the go-to source for light fixtures and cool lighting ideas on the web. Each day I spend hours surfing the web to find the best of the best interior designs. I then share them with readers of blogs such as The Mulberry Tree. Thanks for letting me share with you today! If you’re like me, you absolutely love vignettes. Any surface is a vignette waiting to happen. The coffee table gives an especially nice place to create a centerpiece vignette for all to enjoy. Many objects work well when creating a vignette, whether you use books, figurines or flowers, it is sure to add warmth and character to your space.
Coffee Table
A modern coffee table becomes a feast for the eyes with books on antiques, art and design, a lovely bust and crystal for good chi.

Coffee Table
Books, photos and figurines work nicely together to create a pretty vignette on this wood and glass coffee table.
Coffee Table
Okay, so this is an ottoman, not a coffee table, but I just couldn’t leave it out and it does serve the same function. The crocodile embossed leather in white works as a terrific place to show off books and found objects. The beautiful pops of color and the lovely lighting fixtures also caught our attention.
Coffee Table
An unusual and fun table made from a metal base and removable serving trays provides just the right support for a large collection of items.
Coffee Table
This coffee table vignette is sexy, sophisticated and simple. The live flowers look lovely atop the glass table.
Coffee Table
A natural, rustic vignette of branches, garden flowers and found bottles sits atop a wooden table. This is such a charming arrangement of objects.
Coffee Table
Blue from the sofa is brought over to the table via blue chinoiserie and flowers. Books are turned in various directions for viewing from all sides. Once again, I can't resist the lighting—these tall slender lamps are gorgeous.
Coffee Table
An acrylic coffee table holds magazines, collectable books and fresh flowers. The pink theme from the room is carried through to the table. Don't these vignettes just inspire you to de-clutter your coffee table and make it a beautiful living room centerpiece? Visit Arcadian Lighting's blog for fresh interior design and lighting ideas every day! (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Wow! This post is filled with some great ideas and some beautiful inspiration images! I have been so hesitant in the past to stage my coffee table because I wasn't sure how to pull it off. I for one can't wait to tackle my coffee table now. 
Don't forget to stop on in at Arcadian Lighting. They have an excellent selection of well priced light fixtures from floor lamps to chandeliers and everything in between.
I hope you all enjoyed her post as much as I did! Thanks so much Joanna for the Guest Post! It was fabulous!

Kate Spade China Anyone?

Isn't she lovely!?! 

Jessica at The Long and The Short of It put together this FABULOUS spread for a friend's birthday party. I would have loved to be there. It just took my breath away. Granted, the gold black and white is not for everyone, but it sure is for me! The great thing about this spread. . . the chargers can be easily changed out for ANY color. Compared to China, chargers are cheap cheap cheap! What would your ideal spread look like?

House Tour: Emily and Todd

I came across this home via Jenny from Little Green Notebook. The home is absolutely beautiful and I just had to share it. Hope you enjoy.


                                              Living Room

                                             Dining Room




                                      Little Boy's Room


                                                 Main Bath









Aren't the rooms just lovely!?! I love her attention to every little detail. Her home is impeccable. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I have noticed though that the home style I have been drawn to is definitely eclectic, but not hoarder eclectic. This home is very reminiscent of this home I featured a while back

For Full Details on each room (including more pictures)