I about DIED!

Any of you that have NOT read Mandi's blog Vintage Revivals, is seriously missing out! She is just about as fabulous as they come. Her home is fabulous beyond words, she's been on the Nate Berkus Show TWICE and is a thrift store crazed hoarding junkie just like I want to be. I mean that in the best way possible. On my last visit to her blog she revealed her Entry with the most Ah-Mazing ceiling EVER! Check it out. . .

Didjya catch a peek at that ceiling!?!

A herringbone ceiling! ARE you KIDDING me!?!

 And THAT bike mural!  Nough said.

 Ah sweet lovelyness. 

I have found my next project. My main bath received a mini makeover, but need something "else" to finish the look. Aside from new tub surround tiles and shower curtain. This is JUST the jujj it needs. I CAN'T wait to do this. The Hubs WILL be horrified by the thought of this, so he will not be privy to the idea before it's completed. Am I the only one who has this issue? I hope not. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! Good luck with the ceiling! And if your hubs complains tell him he can come live with me for a week....he'll be begging to come home.

    Love your guts