Like Magic

"It finally came! Just like clockwork, it came again. We opened the package from Grandma and Grandpa S. just like every year. I reached into the oversized box handling every gift with butterfly like fingers, careful not to disturb the vibrant wrapping paper. Not that it mattered. Grandma S. used more tape wrapping our presents than a scrapbook convention. I continued emptying the box one gift at a time until . . . JACKPOT!
My heart fluttered, almost worried it hadn't made it into the package this year. Grandpa came through again. I pulled the tin foil wrapped squares out and read the names aloud until we all had them. Sis, Bugs, Muff, Lou and Buck. Each of us dealt with this present a bit differently. A few tore it open and enjoyed, not me. I like to save the ribbon, so I'm careful with the delicate red ribbon. Gently pulling back the corner of the foil, I can smell it. Sweet, creamy and divine. The color is just as it's supposed to be. Just as I remember from last Christmas. I break off a little piece and squish it together just a little bit and pop it into my mouth, not chewing, but letting it melt as to savor the taste of Grandpa's Peanut Butter Fudge."

Every year that I lived at home, my mom's parent's sent a package of gifts for as long as I can remember. Grandpa's peanut butter fudge was the only thing that we didn't have to wait to open. We usually only have it at Christmas time so that it doesn't lose its specialness. I seriously still have some of the foil from years ago because the tag stuck to it has my grandpa's writing on it. Not very many things have that anymore. Anywho. . . the recipe has been passed to my aunts, uncle, mom cousins and siblings when we turned 18. Except me. That age came and went years ago and my mom never taught me how to make the fudge. No Big, you say. Just have her email it, you say. Just get the recipe, you say. HA! That's cute, because when I say super top secret fudge, I mean SUPER TOP SECRET!!! Only blood relatives have the recipe and it CANNOT be written down. After I turned 18 I moved a lot. Mostly out of state a few, 6 times. That made it difficult to get together just for a fudge making session. So the other night I had had enough waiting. I called my mom and said I would like to know NOW. Please. Then last night I attempted my first batch of the fudge. I put on my super baker cape apron and went to work. It. Was. Perfection. 

Does your family have a Top Secret Recipe? I'd love to know about it! Just what it's for I mean.

Right about the time I was posting this. . . This

Did This.

I can't get mad at that face.

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  1. Ahhh, the memories!!! I am 31 and still wait every year for that special little tin foil wrapped package!! Not that I am counting but, only 4 more days!!!!

    One little correction on who has the recipe...neither of the Aunts have it. Only Gary, Mom and the three sisters. That's it!! So, you are even more special!

  2. This was a really cute post, you're such a good story teller/writer!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, it's crazy! I can't believe it either!