A Shower for Hannah

My friend and neighbor Sylvia is having a baby girl. Finally! After 2 little boys, she's ready for some ruffles and roses. My EX neighbor Kim and I pulled our resources and threw, what I considered to be, a successful shower. (I say ex because she broke my heart and left me! The wounds are still fresh and I'm still trying to deal.) Sylvia had friends, family and neighbors here to shower her with gifts for little Hannah that will hopefully be here soon! Here are a few shots of the festivities. 

It was so sweet. Sylvia's mom gifted her some of her dresses and blankets. They were darling and crocheted.

It was so much fun putting it together. I love a good reason to have people over and this was definitely the perfect reason to celebrate. 

Custom Baby Shower Cookies- Made by Kim's cousin. If you live in the Phoenix valley and need a referral for a baker...let me know!
Veggie Tray- This included brussel sprouts! That was a bit different for me but I loved it!
The Yummiest Ginger Ale and Cranberry Juice Punch EVER!- Canada Dry ginger ale and cranberry juice- Seriously, so yummy!
Naked Cake- box cake with a few adjustments. I'll make a separate post all about the cake! I have never done a cake like this before, but I am so glad that I tried. It turned out great!
Orange Scones- Pinterest discovered recipe that I have used over and over! It. Is. Heaven! For those of you that asked for the recipe...Sprinkles and Sugar Orange Scone Recipe
Deli Sandwich Tray- Courtesy of Sylvia's Amazing Mama. Purchased from Jason's Deli 
Wood chunks- Courtesy of McKenna (awesome friend of many years)
Cake stands- Courtesy of Lindsey (awesome SIL of ALMOST 2 years. Thanks for getting married so I could borrow your gifted cake stands that you may never see again except in pictures from the awesome cakes I'm going to bake to put on them. I might even share the cake)
Glass milk Bottles, Paper Goods- Party City  I have looked on Etsy several times wanting to purchase these. Party City sold them for less and I didn't have to pay shipping. I'm all about shopping from small businesses, but sometimes saving money is the decision maker. I loved the plates and cups that we got there. They had the prettiest floral design on them that was bright and feminine.
Paper Straws and Tassel Garland- Petite Party Studio (I told you I like to shop small! This is the most darling little shop in Down town Gilbert. They have dang near everything that you could possibly need to throw a great party and it's all spot on with current trends. One of my favorite things in their store is their wall of felt balls. They have shelves floor to ceiling with giant jars full of different colored felt balls. I want to make a felt ball garland from balls purchased there so badly! I just forget and haven't done it yet. One of these days though...
Basically all of the floral decor that you see- Michaels This includes the garland at the base of the cake stand, the flowers by the jar of mints, the moss letter 'H', and the wreath for my door. (The wreath was 100% necessary for the shower. Scouts honor.

Overall, it was a great time! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Sylvia!!!