Medicine Cabinet or Mirror?

As I've been collecting ideas for our Master Bath "Someday Renno", I've been trying to decide if I want built in Medicine Cabinets or not. I definitely DO NOT want the ginormo builder grade mirror from the mid 80's when the house was built. I also know that I DO want something frame-less. I would prefer to have either without a bulky frame that I will just want to change later. If I get one with NO frame then the chances of it being out-dated are smaller. I just need to decide what will work best for us.

 If I were to have a medicine cabinet, it would look something like this piece of lovely, from RH.

 However, I would have a hard time convincing myself let alone the hubs to pay a whopping $795 PER cabinet. Thus, this option, no matter how beautiful, is definitely OUT.

Although these are hardly the RH version of a recessed medicine cabinet, these cabinets from HD are a close 2nd and more in my price range.

Since I don't want a framed mirror, what other option is there for a non cabinet, you ask?
Something like this. . .

The first mirror is from the Basement Bathroom completed by Aubrey and Lindsay from
  Aubrey+Lindsays Little House Blog. Isn't it beautiful!?! She MADE it herself! Amazing job if you ask me.

The Second is an exquisite vanity from Michelle at Ten June

Both bathrooms are amazing and feel like a breath of fresh air. You HAVE to check them out! 
(you may notice a similar feel to the bathrooms, yet they are very different and both are beautiful! Which is why I love them)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of the airy swivel mirrors. The only problem is that you either have to have a shelf,
similar to this,

or you have to have ample storage in a vanity or closet for bathroom essentials. My preferred selection would be the swivel mirrors that can be found inexpensively at HD or Lowes. I just have to find the right vanity to accompany them.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for featuring my bathroom vanity!! : ) We got our mirrors from Home Depot- they were relatively inexpensive but look super fancy. We love them!

    Good luck with your bathroom reno! xo