My Mother's Technique

I have an age old trick for packing that seems so simple, you would think everyone would do it for EVERY trip they ever took. My mother taught me this years ago by packing our clothes like this when I was young. It keeps things organized and hassle free. This weekend, my boys and I are traveling to a land far far away to spend time together and be one with nature. (In this family that translates to, "I have an elk tag a couple hrs away and will be gone until said tag is filled or I run out of vacation days." That's how we get our free range, hormone and chemicle free, organic meat.) Anyway... Little #3 will be spending the weekend at Grandma's. To help keep things streamlined and easy peasy for Grandma, I used my mother's technique.

A ziploc bag per day, jams, a caboodle and her (current) favorite toy. 

Each bag has the same items. A shirt, pants, shoes and a bow. 

Then each bag is marked with the day. Sunday has a bag marked "Sunday Church" and one marked "Sunday Play". This is so fantastic because Grandma literally just has to reach in and grab the bag of the day. No stressing about whether or not it matches or if it is what Mom would have chosen. At the end of the day, just return the dirty clothes to the bag! The best thing about it is that it ensures that you have packed enough clothes and have everything you might need while away from home. I hope this helps someone's life get a little easier the next time they travel. It's been a life saver for me! Thanks mom! 

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