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To start out, this project was soooo easy! (After 3 hours of trying to figure it out on my own before I finally asked Andrea and she sent me the Silhouette file. Haha!) 
I wanted to follow her direct tutorial but when she mentioned that she cut it out by hand, I decided to "take the easy way out" and use a cutting machine. That being said, the machine was not mine and I have NEVER used one. K. Here goes. 
Andrea @ Pics-O-Andrea has a fantastic tutorial that works wonders! The freezer paper method works well! Here are a few tips if you're going to use a machine to cut it. 
1. Make sure you have the actual file for the cutting machine that you are using. 
2. Make sure you cut with the "shiny side" up on the cutting mat. 
3. Use the light blue blade if using a Silhouette and set it to the vinyl setting. 
4. Make sure you "mirror" the word in the Silhouette software. This matters because you iron the freezer paper onto the shirt "shiny side" down. So unless you want it to say "olle' evol" make sure you mirror it. 

 Iron it onto the shirt "shiny side" down. 
(If you're making it for an adult, be sure to not put it too close to the neckline of a crew neck shirt. You want it to start about 4" down from the neckline. Use a similar ratio when making for a toddler.) DON'T forget to keep and iron on the center of the 'L', 'e' and 'o'. 

With a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers, use a sponge paintbrush to stipple the FABRIC PAINT onto the shirt inside the stencil. It will take a few coats, so be patient. Let it dry a bit, but not completely. Then, simply peel the freezer paper from the shirt. Leave the piece of cardboard between the layers until it is completely dry. (I think the paint bottle says about 4 hours minimum.) Then, it's yours to enjoy! 

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