It's a bit past when most people have posted about their hopes and dreams for the coming new year, but I think it's my turn. So here goes.

I want to be happy everyday of the year. Even if it's just for a moment.
I want to remodel my master bath. It's pretty icky right now. Just check out the Before pics and you'll see.

I want the exterior of my home to get a face-lift. I wish this was my house.

I want to be a better wife because the Hubs deserves it.
I want to be there for a friend like she has been for me.
I want to be an amazing mom like the ones I read about on all these fancy blogs. 
I want to get back into shape and look the way I see myself in my head. (the Hubs needs a smokin hot trophy wife.)
I want to serve others more. 
I want to go crazy with projects around the house and crafts with the kids. 
I want to see my family more than 1 time this year. 
I want a make over. I want to wear skinny jeans without being one of THOSE girls that shouldn't.

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I want to use my talents to benefit others. Even if it's just the others in my house.
I want to know with more conviction that I am a precious daughter of God and have a purpose in life.

What do you want your new year to bring you? Hopefully lots and lots of lovelyness.


  1. Awww, I think I've been "THAT girl" who is wearing skinny jeans that were really meant for a skinnier girl. Oh boy, I know what you mean.
    (How sad is it that with all the beautiful things you mentioned, that's the one I can relate to?)

    Thanks for "stopping by today".

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my owl mantel!

    Your list is exhausting me! Would love you to link up to our Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge on Jan 31.

    The deadline definitely helped motivate me to get my basement organized - scary!

    We are posting updates weekly and hope to see you there!