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I was going through old drafts for my blog and came across this little gem. I'm not really sure why it took my over a year to post. Oh wait. It probably has something to do with the whole, having a baby thing. I kind of fell off the face of the Earth for a while. Anywho. Here it is for your amusement.

My house is a constant work-in-progress. (As is everyone's) I've been working on ideas for my front entry for quite some time now and here are my inspiration photos with a narrative of what I drew me in from each one.
The black door is what really draws my eye to this one. It pops against the crisp white entry and looks classic. 

 I love this DIY table. I've been oogling it for decades! Kay. Maybe not THAT long, but you catch my drift. It is modern but inexpensive! Win Win!

Under said table, I would really like a bench. It would serve 2 purposes. 1. It would be an obvious way to add some interest. Obviously this one is simple in design, but it would be easy enough to get one with a pattern. 2. It's an entry. People typically take off and put on shoes in an entry. A bench would provide a convenient place to do so. 

 Other than the obvious gorgeousness of this entry, I love the garden stools flanking the table. Other than decoration, I'm certain they serve little purpose. Nonetheless, I want my blue one in my entry.

 I love a good wainscoting! I mean, who doesn't?! This picture frame molding is perfection. From the tall base, to the chunky chair rail. This is my top choice for my entry wall.  
This 2 tier board and batten is a really close 2nd. It still has the tall base and chunky chair rail. I also love the picture rail at the top and the added dimension with the row of square molding above the rail. Decisions. Desicions.

Of course a couple of these bad boys for extra lighting. 

Everyone needs an over-sized Gold framed mirror in their entry. Including me!

Here are a few beautiful entries, merely for your oogling.

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