Space Savers!

So we're coming up on moving day and I wanted to get things a little organized. I realized that I had a changing table full of clothes that neither of my boys wear. Either because they're too small or it's the wrong season. I also have quite a few boxes that are filled with little boys' clothes. What to do? What to do? I don't want to sell them or give them away because I'm still young and you just never know. no I'm not making an announcement So I started thinking of different places in the new house that I could keep them. I even talked to my SIL about having all these baby clothes. My awesome lil niece piped up and said, "What about those big plastic vacuum bags that sucks all the air out?" DUH!!! Of Course! the Space Bags! So I hurried over to Wally-World and grabbed a 3 pack of the Large bags for only 15 bucks! about 20 minutes after getting home I was able to turn the mess of the changing table and a large storage tote full of clothes, into a large storage tote full of twice as many clothes! My new best friend when it comes to storing out of season clothing and all of those extra blankets I can't part with, but aren't using. 
My Space bags weren't quite as flat as they advertise cause I crammed it! 
Have the same problem? Run out and getcha some! Good luck with your Spring/Summer cleaning! 

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