Back-Alley Hack Job T

I didn't wait long until I decided to try my hand at altering my red and white stripe T that I scored at Old Navy. Here's an almost step by step Tutorial of how I did it. I couldn't find my regular camera so I just used my cell. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures.

I started by laying the shirt out on my cardboard cutting thing. Make sure it is completely flat. No wrinkles, front or back.

This white T is one that I know fits, so I used it as a template. (totally a "back-alley hack job" approach but it was all I could think of) I traced around the white T leaving about 1/4" in either side for sewing room. Then I simply cut it out. Just up the sides and made sure the top of the side still met the arm in the corner So that I didn't have to stitch the arm hole as well.

Next, I folded the T in half to make sure both sides had the same silhouette. Then I pinned each side and sewed along the edge. Because I don't have a serger (which I know I desperately need) I simply ran a straight stitch twice in an attempt to strengthen the seam. (I'll let you know if it falls apart later)

I'm not sure why I did this next part, but I started it so I decided to finish it. I had removed the bottom hem because the shirt was way too long, as you can see in the picture with the 2 shirts layered on top of each other. Then I decided that I wanted it back on there because their hem would be way better than mine. I pinned this upside down on the outside of the shirt and sewed it back on, flipped it down so that the seam wasn't visible and ironed the hem in place. 

 The shirt was now the right length for what I wanted and the right width. 
I added a yellow scarf for color and this is what I have.

Not too shabby if you ask me. I hope that made sense in some universe. Good luck with your sewing adventures!

That's how you alter a $4.97 t shirt from where I sit,
Under My Mulberry Tree

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  1. So cute! You are so smart! I love it with the scarf too! Great color combo!