Boys' Room Inspiration

It's been ages since I've posted, but things have been so busy. I've been thinking a lot about designs for different rooms in our house. Today I'm going to share my ideas for my boys' room. It's all just inspiration right now, but hopefully I'll be able to turn it into more.

Here's the breakdown (left to right/top to bottom)
Bunk beds. I found an awesome plan to make bunk beds. Ambitious I know! It's the only way I can get exactly what I want without spending a small fortune. If you haven't read Ana White's blog, YOU SHOULD! She's amazing! Anyway. The plans for the bunks can be found here on her blog. 

The chair is from Ikea. It was a little PB-esque and that's why I love it. And with a price tag of only $19.99, it sings to me!
The curtains are also from Ikea and have a great wanna-be trellis pattern on them. They're very simple but the pattern adds a little extra. 
I've recently been on an "Are there really no normal comforters for boys beds" kick. It is so hard to find non-character, non-neon, non-sports, normal and can transition from kid to teen bedding for boys! I want them to have nice bedding, but can't justify spending $80 on a duvet unless I know it's something that can grow with them, no matter what the "theme" of their room is at the time. Fortunately I found this normal plaid that could work for a lil boys dinosaur themed room, but could also transition to a teen boy's room. Having said that, I'm not actually expecting it to last that long, seeing as my boys are only 1 and 2 right now, but that's not the point. Anywhoo! I found this wonderful one at PBTeen.

The adorable robot art, I found on Etsy. If I want to actually own any of them, I had better start buying them now before someone on the other side of the country decides they want the same ones and I'm out of luck. 

The little rugs are from Ikea and are a whopping $3.99! Not sure if I'll have room in the budget for a splurge such as those. ;) They aren't big area rugs, obviously but would be great right next to the bed. 

The little Red Bench is another Ana-White design. I thought one of these bad boys would be great at the foot of the bed for putting on shoes and whatnot. 

Last, but not least, is the paint color. It's London Fog by Benjamin Moore. I love the shades of their paints. The colors are so rich and supple. Makes my heart smile. 

So that's the room I have planned for my little men from my view
Under My Mulberry Tree

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