Craftsman Bungalow

This is by far my most favorite style of home! The exterior anyway. The insides of the true Craftsman Bungalows are a tad choppy for my taste. I prefer the open floor plan offered by more modern homes. But the curb appeal is to die for!
The thick white trim that pops out against the main house color which is normally a grey or taupe or some other neutral color. The front porches give a throw back the era in which they were designed; when people would sit on porch swings and actually know their neighbors. 
I WANT to know my neighbors! 
(Something that proves to be difficult when in an apartment. Everybody seems to mind their own business, which to me comes off as cold and unfriendly)
I just love everything about this style of home and am determined to have one someday. 

This first home just sums it all up for me. The luxe green landscaping just adds to the beauty of the architecture. The pillars on the front porches are probably my absolute favorite aspect of the bungalows. 

I really like how the white plays off of the grey of this house. It seems so clean and collected. 
Something I am not all of the time

The blue of this house shows that it can be fun as well. It doesn't have to be a neutral to be part of the bungalow clan. It is still just as beautiful.

This quaint bungalow is a breath of fresh air. I would almost want to sit on the sidewalk and look at how loverly my house is if I lived here. 

This porch is the most inviting thing I've seen since. . . well EVER! I can feel the breeze wisping through the ends of the porch and rustling my hair as we speak. This would be so revitalizing after a long day with the kiddos.

This home has exaggerated pillars on the lower half that add drama. Anyone that knows me, knows that drama and I are one in the same. . . In a good way of course. ;)

That's what Bungalows look like from where I sit 
Under My Mulberry Tree


  1. I love bungalows! We looked at so many when we were buying a home. I love, love, love them. But I agree with you. The inside is not as functional as I want. I want to build a new home, with a bungalow outside, and a thoroughly modern inside.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I live around the corner from the blue house pictured and haven't met the folks who live there. How terrible is that in 2 years? I think our dogs are least they seem to be when we pass by on our walks!