Target Tuesday

This week at Target my inspirations are totally SPRING! I am so Jazzed about Spring being here even though it's getting pretty hot here in the Valley of the Sun! That's what we get for having gorgeous Winters though. So here's what I found at Target that I love!

In case you don't know. . . I am a sandal girl! 
My loving and Oh so supportive Hubby 
laughs at me cause I tell him that my feet get claustrophobic. I can't explain it, I just have to have my feet in sandals. These little beauties look just as fabulous on my feet as they do in this picture. 

This shower curtain is 
masculine enough for the Hubbs
but is 
earthy and pretty enough for me.  
I think it would be perfect in our guest bath with some pops of color. (That could be changed out because the shower curtain is so neutral.) I also think that 2 of these flanking the window in my new craft room would be swell as well. That's right. I said swell.
I love love love the green on the cushions of this patio set. I wish that it was the main color in a pattern rather than a solid, but I love it anyway. 

Who wouldn't love a bright green KitchenAid mixer in their kitchen in the Spring. Nevermind the fact that it matches absolutely nothing that I have in my kitchen. It would still be AWESOME!!! (said in a high pitched singing voice)

The floral pattern here just makes me smile. It's very Spring with a tsp of Fall in the coloring. Very versatile and would be superb in a guest sweet with some orange or green night stands. 

Well that's Target from my view this week from 
Under My Mulberry Tree


  1. Ooohhh I love that patio set! The sandals are really cute too! Glad you linked up!

  2. Hi! New follower from Target Tuesday!! I am LOVING those sandals. Like need them now!!!! :)

    Great finds!!! Love the shower curtain too!!