Sliding Barn Doors

Not too long ago, while I was surfing online, I came across something that I knew
 I HAD to HAVE!!! 
It's rustic and charming and Huge! 
Where in the heck am I going to put a 
Sliding Barn Door!?! 
As of today, I live in an apartment and the thought of a sliding barn door in my place is absolutely absurd! Not only is there nowhere to put one, but I highly doubt our complex managers would smile upon the monstrosity of holes that the track would probably put into the walls. 

Fortunately for me. . . The bank just accepted our offer on a house that I have been oogling for the past few months!!! And Fortunately, I have just the place for this beauty in my new house! Well, my almost house. It's not ours until I have the keys in my hand. Any who! Here's what I found.

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
The simplicity of this room is amp'd way up with the addition of the barn doors. They are rustic yet elegant and cozy at the same time. I love the effect they have on this room.

 This Photo is Courtesy of Feldman Architecture
If you want contemporary barn doors it can be done. I know it seems like it wouldn't fit, but look at that. They have managed to make the barn door sleek and almost sexy. 

The contrast of this door to the surround stark white is beautiful! It sticks out life a sore thumb in the best possible way. The juxtaposition of the clean lines and reflective surfaces  of the bathroom play perfectly against the rough unfinished surface of the door. 

Are the others too plain for you? Vamp it up with a color. Red is very barn-esq and would add a fun element to any room.

Photo Courtesy of Barn Door Hardware
This last one is cozy and just the right amount of rustic to the otherwise contemporary room.

All of these doors are fun and fresh! I can't wait to see what the hubby thinks. Although it will probably be quite a while before he consents to adding one to our home. I guess I'm putting the cart before the horse here, but I can't help it. As I've said before, I love to look up and dream from 
Under My Mulberry Tree.

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