I decided one day that I HAD to have an apron! There is something so 'June Clever' about an apron.  Since I am a SAHM, I secretly wish I was her. I know that just because I stay at home doesn't mean that she is who I have to be, But I WANT to. I want to be a good cook and a great house keeper. I want to greet my husband at the door when he gets home.
I used a pattern so I won't post a play be play. My recommendation is to find a pattern for one that suits you and have at it!

This one is Mine
I made this one for my awesome sis in law

 Since I live in the real world, I know that the house is going to be a disaster sometimes. And that I might not be able to greet my hubby at the door cause I'll probably be trying to keep the smoke, from burning dinner, away from the smoke alarms to keep my neighbors from knowing that I'm not 'June'! finish a gourmet meal. haha! I feel like super mom when I put it on. It's sort of my 'cape'. Such is my life and practice will eventually turn me into all of those things. I feel like super mom when I put it on. It's sort of my 'cape'.Until then though, I have an apron that at least helps me feel a little more like 'June'.
And that's my view from
  Under My Mulberry Tree.

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