Where You At!?!

I've disappeared! Why? wE MoVeD! Not to a house. . . YET. My husband interviewed with a new company in AZ, with the hopes that a different job would let us grow some roots. 2 weeks after the offer was presented, we made it here! That's right 2 weeks! It's been less than a month since we arrived, but oh man, it has been a heck of a couple weeks! In the works though is----A HOUSE! Could it be true!?! I hope! I am just so excited that I can hardly hold it in. I feel like I'm busting at the seems. The only thing I can think about doing is DeCoRaTiNg and pAiNtInG and gardening in this new house that isn't even ours yet! Only time will tell, but hopefully not too long. For the next little while this will be strictly a home inspiration blog and hopefully after that I'll be able to put those inspirations into motion. Wish me luck!

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