Desk Chair

Since I finished my desk I knew we needed a desk chair for 2 reasons. (2 seems like my magic number for reasons) 1. We needed a desk chair 2. My hubby accidentally broke the dining chair we had been using because he was leaning back on the rear legs. I'm assuming when the chair snapped his mother's voice saying, "Don't lean back in your chair" was echoing in his head as he picked himself up off of the floor. hehehe! So I searched many places for inspiration and found this.

At our beloved PB it is $399.00. Seeing as we've been saving for a house, 400 buck on a desk chair is not going to fly! So I searched the classifieds on KSL and found this beauty for $25.
I was able to snag it for the amazing price of $15. The lady had it posted for a while and I'm assuming that's why she let it go for so cheap. It was the perfect chair. Even rocks back to satisfy my hubby's need to lean back. I took the same steps with the chair as I did with my desk that I redid, except I painted this in my bedroom using grocery sacks as my floor cover.
:) Primed and painted. I absolutely love how it turned out. Since I already had the primer and paint from the desk, this chair cost $15 plus whatever I used in gas to pick it up. Way worth it!


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