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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It's just before Christmas which is very exciting in and of itself, but it brings out my color pallet. I look best in Fall colors so naturally I'm drawn to them. Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange, Olive Green, Brown. . . you get the point. Bearing that in mind, Thanksgiving is just around the next corner. Anyone hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner knows that presentation counts for a big chunk of your success. Of course the food has to taste good but if the presentation is sensational it's all the more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas I've picked up along the way.

This first inspiration comes from The Nester over at The Nesting Place. The colors of this setting are what really make it pop. A few clear jars filled with colorful leaves fruits and even pictures set the stage for an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner.

This next idea also stemmed from The Nesting Place and is something I'm pretty sure I'll have time to recreate before Thanksgiving. It's a Thankful Table. Looks quite simple actually and is a genius idea. place a little box atop the table and as time goes on write little notes of thankfulness and share them on Thanksgiving Day or read them as a reminder of the things that you wouldn't trade for anything. It would also be something worth keeping around even after all of the Holiday Hype.

$3 Hurricanes From 320*Sycamore That's right. . . $3!!! Check out how she did it!

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