Stool Transformation

The tale of the Crazy Old Stools began one rainy day when I had nothing better to do than surf the classifieds for other peoples junk that I might transform.

I found 4 of these lovely little stools online. There was this green one and a red, orange and black one as well. Great potential just not that great as is.

I started by separating the legs from the cushion.

Next I cut the muslin that I chose, to size, chose a number font that I Liked and Printed one number per page because I wanted them to be big.

The next thing I did was cut out the number without destroying the outline because I used it as a stencil. Then I TAPED it in place on the muslin and filled it in with black paint. Once the numbers dried I attached the fabric to the cushion using a staple gun and reattached the legs to the cushion and vooala!


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