1917 Door Conversion

I found 2 of these doors online and couldn't help myself. I convinced my husband to take me to pick them up. They were both original doors from a house built in 1917. I could only imagine the possibilities. While surfing in blogland I happened upon a blog with the idea to make a coatrack. (By "happened upon" I mean my friend called and said "Ashley I have the perfect idea!") So I began the hunt for the perfect paper or fabric to cover the panels with. I ended up with this fabric that I found at Hancock in the clearance section! It practically sang to me. I cut the fabric to fit the panels and used modpodge to adhere them to the door.

I found the hooks at Home Depot and screwed those in place after the modpodge was completely dry. To finish off the edge around the fabric I hot glued some decorative rope to cover the edges.

For the finishing touch I attached the original glass knob. Because it was only one sided I used a bit of Gorilla Glue and vooala! My Masterpiece.
I recently finished the 2nd door that I had. I did the same thing with it.


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