Inspire Me

As I have been surfing all of the latest posts around, I have noticed all too many pantry redos. Can I just say they are fabulous!!! It makes me want a pantry just so I can redo it! . . . Good thing my mom has one. Can we say "Labor Day Project"? Sounds like a blast to me. I was particularly inspired by one said pantry over at House of Smith's. It is gorgeous! I didn't think a pantry could ever look so good. The idea here would work in any closet. Be it pantry, linen, bedroom. The organization is stellar and the vinyl is genius.

Another place that I absolutely loved the closet walls was over at Bachelors Way.
The First pantry that sent me on a search for other beautiful pantries was at Decor Chic.
Whoever said a closet was made for storing and not to be pleasing to the eye was crazy! These closets are so organized I felt myself exhale when I saw them. As if I felt my life a little less stressed because their closets were so nice. :) Thanks for the inspiration ladies.


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