Book Cover

This was a super easy project! Took very little time and I already had everything for it. (Most crafters would and if you don't it wouldn't cost more than 3 bucks) I had my scriptures that I've been using for the past few years and I didn't like the color. My sweet hubby got them for me as a gift just after we got married and purchased the same color that I already had. (Parents bought them and got my sister the color I wanted. Ha! such is life Right?!) Anyway. All very thoughtful, I just prefer a different color. What to do what to do? I could get new ones. . . no need. What about a good old fashioned book cover?! Genius right?! So I got out my scrapbook paper and picked the one I wanted. First I cut it to size. Then I used my distress ink to give the edges of the paper a little "character". I hot glued the paper to the outside of my book. (I used hot glue because I don't mind. If you would like it to be more temporary you could use double sided adhesive and just stick it to the edges that wrap around to the inside of the covers.) All around the edges to ensure a secure fit. Then I printed my lable and glued that and a flower on the front for added decoration. I love it! Nobody else has this Color! ;)


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