Decorating for Halloween is always fun. Since I don't have a fireplace mantel or cool shelves like Shelley over at HouseOfSmiths, I make do with what I have. Which is; a counter A shelf (small mind you) and my table. (again small)

I started my decorating escapade on our little media shelving unit. Unfortunately for me I only get the top shelf since I have little ones that destroy everything that's lower. Take away my pretty pink spring bouquet and replace it with a yellow tinted hurrican that resembles fall. Add a skull, witches boot, sparkly black candelabra (fake and plastic) and a few spider webs and there you have it! An Instant Halloween nook!
Isn't the skull creepy!?! Hahaha! I just love the stripe detailing on the boot!
My next area to decorate was my kitchen table. I needed something here that could be easily removed for dinner time since we eat together almost every night. I found these great pumpkins at Tai Pan (I Heart Tai Pan). By mixing the colors and textures of the pumpkins it ads instant interest and depth. My husband still doesn't understand why they don't match but. . . he'll learn. . . maybe. :)

So with just a few things and not a lot of money spent I gave my apartment a little touch of Halloween.

(I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but will be out of town so I won't be able to put them in the works until next Halloween


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