My House?

I have recently been enveloped in the redesign of my house. . . which I do net yet own. I guess it's my way of dreaming the big dream. I have colors, hardware, lighting, flooring, faucets, sinks and cabinets. As well as the usual furniture and accessories. Lets just say as soon as we get our house it will practically be finished before I even get to lay a finger on it. I've been blog surfing (surprise surprise) and have stumbled on a few things that have left me inspired. Not just for me, but for my sister as well. (I'll show things I have in mind for her on my next post.) Here are a few of my findings.
It all started with the most calming color pallet I could find. I wasn't necessarily thinking calm, I just wanted colors that weren't so bold. By having the colors lighter, but not pastel, they become neutrals.

Martha Living- Nimbus Cloud & Glidden-Quiet Rain
It was really these 2 colors that got the whole thing started and snowballed from there.
The majority of the house would be in the Nimbus Cloud Grey. It is the perfect shade that isn't too white but not charcoal either. That blue. . . What more can I say?
Glidden-Cappuccino White
This color is almost an identical match for some cabinetry that HD has in their local show room. I liked them so much but know that it would be significantly more cost effective to paint rather than replace.
Glidden- White on White & Martha Living- Rainwater
I loved these 2 colors to use for a board and batten/ the rest of the wall in a dining room. After I had this idea and these colors chosen, I was further inspired by this dining room over at A Penny Saved. She hand-painted this design onto the wall. I fell In love and knew I had to do it!
If you click on the picture you can see it a lot larger.
As for the kitchen I was inspired by the overall design of this kitchen Featured on Candice Olson's Divine Design on HGTV.
I would add my own flare of course. Here is the fabric I picked for my drapes. (In the area I'm designing for the dining and kitchen are open to each other so they have to coordinate well.)
The subtly pattern in green goes well with the board and batten color scheme I have selected and would add a nice contrast to the paisley painted on the top side of the wall. Because it is a very soft pattern it won't be too busy.
This fabric can be found at Calico Corners.
At $35/yd it would be a major splurge, but totally worth it.
Home Depot
The Chrome finish on this classic bridge faucet is to die for! It's so shiny and just beautiful!
I love the offset sides of this traditional stainless sink. Adds a bit of flare.

Home Depot
The knob and pull here, just as the faucet, have an elegant shine that any homeowner would love. Only thing though is with everyday use they would need to be wiped down frequently to maintain that luster.
Home Depot
Yes this is a laminate, but it's budget friendly and looks great in person. Plus HD usually has precut pieces in stock so you can usually take it home that day!
The previous choices were more budget friendly than the next which is why I have 2 choices. I think it's good to choose both because you never know what your circumstances will be when you do get to finally tackle that home reno. You might start out with a caviar budget and, in this economy (heaven forbid) you could lose your job but be half way through. Or on the flip-side; you could have a beer budget and randomly win the lottery. :) You just never know.
Home Depot
This Bamboo Quartz would be my ideal choice but at around $40/sq ft I could probably live without it.
Home Depot
I fell in love with this copper sink,(Who wouldn't love a copper sink that would patina with time?) but it wouldn't go well with the chrome bridge faucet I fell in love with as well. Lucky for me HD carries it in this brushed black finish as well. Still just as mesmerizing.
Home Depot
I of course couldn't keep the shiny knobs and pulls with this choice so I found elegant darker ones to match this scheme.

Home Depot
This wood floor makes my heart melt!
It's a hand-scraped Hickory engineered hard wood. I like the engineered wood for 3 reasons.
1. You can install it yourself with it's locking planks
2. It is real wood which I think is a common misconception, but because it isn't a solid piece all the way through, you can snag this for only $4.95/ sq ft. Which, if you have looked into solid hardwood, you would know that that is a steal of a deal for hickory.
3. As mentioned before, the top layer is actual hardwood so you can still sand it and refinish it 1 or 2 times depending on the thickness that you purchase.
I think this carpet is just the right shade and is uber comfy under my feet.

The Chandi and Pendant add just the right amount of Sleek Chic. Yes they are black and most everything else is brown, BUT. . . If you could just see how this all goes together in my head you would know it looks amazing!

So this is what I have in a nutshell. Lucky for me these things coordinate really well with the things I already have and love.
Now all I need is the house! ;)


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