The Living Room

When I think of decorating a house, I think of projects in the order that you would see them in the house. So, I thought it would only be natural to start my home inspirations with the living room.
I've been on a soft hues kick recently and it seems to fit right in with what you can find in stores right now. (Don't know what came first-my airiness or the stores) Anywho. . . I found myself flipping through magazines recently and came upon these loverly living rooms.

I immediately fell in love with the coloring of this room. The aqua colored walls allow the neutral off-whites act as a color in this room. By using natural blonde wood, it allows your eyes to flow through the room, rather than stopping at heavy pieces of dark wood. It's just beautiful.

This Living Room took a different approach to the first. Most everything in this room is white, with sporadic pops of color. By adding darker pieces, like the coffee table, it adds a comfort that the other living room doesn't have. Both rooms I'm sure are very comfortable, but this room is more relaxed and "chill." It feels more lived in.

This last Living Room inspiration is kind of a mix between the 2 with a crazy girly spin. I love the pops of Coral, but there is no way on the planet that my Hubby would ever allow a room this feminine into his house.

Here's what I would do. . . These 2 beautiful chairs, covered in the floral print shown in the background. Plopped Sitting perfectly placed between them, would be an oh so lovely round table like the one shown here.

All Photos Courtesy of BallardDesigns and PotteryBarn

Across from the 2 lovely chairs would be a neutral victorian style couch. Between the Couch and chairs, I really want a smaller, painted  coffee table with rustic lines to offset the formality of the couch and chairs. A lamp that can be adjusted would be ideal. The area would be finished off with a simple accent table. Although I totally LoVe all of these things that I've shown, I don't have 10k for one room. So We'll just have to wait and see what I actually come up with. Until then. . . This is my view from 
Under My Mulberry Tree

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