Pink Rooms?

I have recently seen a few PINK rooms and at first I couldn't decide; Pink? or No Pink? I think I have decided that YES! I like PINK in a room. Will I ever have one? Prob not. haha! I love the Hubs, but he is a total "manly man" and pink would never fly. He's more of a, hang my deer heads on tan walls with wildlife art,  kinda guy. But hey, a girl can dream right? While I was looking at different pink rooms, I found that most of them were very feminine. Seems like a DUH right? I also saw some not so feminine rooms that were way too overwhelming to be calm and relaxing so I chose not to post those. So here are some of my PINK rooms.

This lovely lady of a room can be found Here
This first room is obviously geared towards a little girl. That bed would be amazing in general, but can you imagine being the little girl that gets to come home to that!?! It is a tad too pink for me, but wonderful nonetheless.

Wanna Stay here? Me too! You can see it Here
From here on out, the rest of the rooms just happen to be designed by Sarah Richardson from HGTV's Sarah's House and Design Inc. (The fact that she has 2 shows on HGTV, says enough for me.) I immediately swooned ever her work. ALL of it is completely my style. I think a great designer can do that to rooms. (Make it a style that can work for different styles) The room pictured here is a room in a Park Hyatt Hotel. I don't know about you, but I would be elated to stay in a room this pretty!

Bigger fan of Coral than Pink? Check out this pic Here
This particular Living room didn't go with PINK so much as CORAL and RED and ORANGE. However, you still get the whisper of pink looking at it. I think this is a good compromise to what could be considered a "girly" room that is mainly pink.

If this room doesn't scream FEMININE, I don't know what does. This room is probably the most formal of all of the ones shown in this post, although it still looks like it could be lived in. It's not so stuffy that you feel like you can't touch anything, but it does make you want to sit up straight and mind your manners. Beautiful either way.

This Living Room is BY FAR my favorite of them all! When I look at this room, I can just imagine the gasp of refreshing awe as you walk in. Refreshing awe? I know right!?! It's just what I imagine when I think about walking in here. Like a ginormous breath of fresh air. The pink in this room isn't overwhelming. There are a few little soft touches of different tones of pink. I think the otherwise neutral pallet allows the pink to POP, but keeps it from being too harsh. So if you are wanting to try a pop of pink in your room, keep it simple. Allow the room to function without the pink, so that if you change your mind you don't have to renovate the entire room.
So that's PINK from my view, 

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  1. Wow! I knew I LOVED Pink! And it can reside with 'boys', well they won't agree.