Agree to Disagree?

Since we've moved into the new house we've begun our decorating adventure. Adventure is definitely an understatement! I have discovered that the Hubs and I couldn't have more different decorating taste.

Exhibit 1. We have stained wood trim throughout our home. I say wow! This has great bones and would look Amazing WHITE! He says (and I quote), "Ashley, if you paint that trim white, I WILL divorce you." My response? "You better start writing up the papers." hahaha! Probably not the ideal way to begin our new life in a house, but We'll eventually come to an agreement on that. 

I know that this dark stained trim can be beautiful, it's just not for me. My Aunt has agreed to sneak in while the Hubs is out to help me turn it from that into. . . 

This white trim that looks so crisp! I love how the color pops against the white! "Pops" is also a word that he dislikes when I'm describing color. haha. He's so silly.

Exhibit 2. I want WHITE cabinets and MARBLE counters with the classic subway tile backsplash. HE wants DARK stained cabinets with TAN granite counters. 

This kitchen from Honey We're Home is a PERFECT example of what I want. If I could just take this from her house and put it right into mine, I would be the happiest woman ON EARTH! Her home is pretty much EXACTLY what I would want. It is beautiful. If you haven't already, you should check it out.

Although this kitchen is beautiful, I don't want it in my house. haha. That may make me a snob or whatever, but I just think that if we're going to invest that kind of money into our home, I should love it! . . . but I guess so should he. . . maybe. I dunno.

The list could go on! and on and on and on! Is anyone else experiencing this!?! I suppose until we can reach a total agreement, we'll just have to take it one thing at a time. Literally. I love this guy and know that we'll be able to figure it out. This should be fun. . . or at least interesting. :)

Wish me luck as we make a house "Ours" whatever that may end up being
Under My Mulberry Tree


  1. Good luck on the battle! I bet your hubs would like the white once he saw it! We tore out the trim that was already there and replaced it, then painted it white. I do think the dark trim is very beauitful especially with a little color on the wall and neutral furnishings, but I am a white girl at heart. And don't even get me started on marble... :)

  2. PS- You should have him read this...

  3. Paint the trim!! It really does freshen things up...we were in the same boat but luckily my husband was on board with white trim. As for the kitchen...welll.....we tend to take a long time to get to decisions because a lot of it is me "influencing" my hubby's initial opinions by somehow making my option look wayyyyy better. hahah Good luck with your side of things :) Just came across your blog and loving it!