Birthday Garland

As some of you readers know, last Saturday was my boys' birthday party. I put together most of the decor myself. It was only my first party so I learned some things and found some things I would like to be different. Anywho. . . As promised here's the first portion of the party breakdown.

The garland was one of my favorite things. I saw this tutorial over at Visual Vocabulary. I knew I HAD to do it for myself! 
I followed her instructions almost exactly. 
I don't have a round roll cutter like she does so I had to cut it all by hand. Not a big deal, but when it came to the foil paper (gold), it was impossible to cut. It would have been nice to have a cutter like hers.
I got the colors of tissue paper that I wanted  and went to work. It was great because my niece was able to help. I did learn that this is easier with 2 people as apposed to 1. If you want to make it yourself, make sure you have someone to pull the rope tightly while you twist the tissue paper. All in all I was very happy with the end result and it was fun to put together. Plus, I felt super awesome when people said they like it. haha. You may be laughing but you know you feel the same when people compliment something you made, so don't judge! The best part is that after the party I just moved it to my son's room. They love it because now they have a "Birthday Party" in their room!!! 

Check back later for more tips on putting together a party.

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  1. Such a cute, easy inexpensive idea! I can just imagine the boys jumping up and down with joy when you moved into their rooms. hehe! Love those two!