Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Ironically enough, when I was growing up, I HATED soup. Couldn't tell you why. Maybe it was because soup can sometimes look icky to a little kid. My dad tried and tried and tried to get me to eat it, but never had any luck. I never ate it! haha! I was probably a teen when I had my first bowl of soup that I can remember. Now I LOVE it!
This is probably my absolute FAVORITE thing to eat! EVER! HANDS DOWN! I could eat this all day everyday. except it has real whipping cream in it so I don't want to be the next half ton woman on tv.  I got this recipe from my mom. She got it from the Lion House Cook Book that she's had since before I can remember. My favorite thing to have with it, is home-made bread bowls! I have my bread machine make dough, like you would do if you're going to make rolls. Instead of making normal rolls, I make GIANT rolls. Cut off the top pull out the insides. Then you have your own bread bowl! Even though it's 110 degrees outside, I could probably go for some Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup! 

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  1. So are you purposely withholding the recipe or what? Looks yummy!