Amazing Bathrooms

The Hubs and I have recently been discussing needed changes to our Master Bath. Although these changes aren't going to happen in the immediate future, it has been fun to discuss ideas. as long as we don't mention textiles and a color pallet, the convo stays humane
We've discussed everything from gutting the existing space to getting crazy like, turning my craft room into a ginormo walk-in/dressing room and using the existing walk-in to expand the bath. prob not gonna happen, but it's fun to dream. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a claw foot tub with a separate shower. He would love to have a separate shower and I don't think he would really mind what the tub was. :) Good luck to us in the decision making. Here are some pictures that I've found via Pinterest that have blasted my creative thinking into the next dimension. I can't wait until we eventually get to start this project.
The first 3 photos are from a recent Feature done on Design Sponge and this bathroom's Before and After photos are nothing short of amazing. Don't forget to pick your jaw up off of the floor when you're done looking.


Hope you Enjoyed! Have a GREAT Weekend!!

Photo Sources From top to bottom (starting with the 4th picture): House of Turquoise, HGTV,  Pinterest , HGTV, Sarah Richardson Design,  House of TurquoiseApartment Therapy

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  1. I love, love, love this post. These images are great. The fourth has to be my favorite. I like everything about it, especially the color of the walls. Great post!

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