Kitchen Table

 Growing up in my house if you sat still for too long, you would get painted. First it was toll paint, then ivie and flowers, then black. Now my Mom is following what's new and now. Her bedroom furniture has already received a coat of just off-white and she's brightening things up from the normal beige and tan and brown with a bit of red thrown in, to the light, bright and airy cottagy look. 

My Family had this dining table since before I can even remember. So this particular table went from traditional oak (meh), to a dark walnut top with a black base (also beautiful!), and here is what she has done with it now! 

Don't you just LOVE it! I know I do! The base color is called Hamilton Green. The name has particular significance because Hamilton is my Grandmother's maiden name. We hold our Scottish heritage close, so it was the perfect color! Props to my lil bro for eyeing it. For the table top, she sanded it down to the bare wood and used tongue oil and a sealer to give it a natural lighter look. I can't get over it. I just love how it turned out! Good Job mama!

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