Fabulous Find!

After we moved into our new to us house, there were some things that we needed. Like, ahem, beds for our boys. Our 3 yr old has been sleeping in the crib and our 2 yr old has been sleeping in the pack n play. Although those things are fabulous for trips, they don't make for a very good long term bed. The night that N. climbed out and slept on the floor was when I finally realized. . . Oh it's been 4 almost 5 months since we ditched the 2nd crib and haven't replaced it with a bed. (In my defense, we did move twice in that time)

 So I started with craigslist, knowing most anything else would be too expensive since we buy in 2's. I got lucky and found a guy that purchased an abandoned storage unit that had 35 sets of brand new (still in the packaging) bunk beds! WHAT!?! Are you crazy, you ask. . . Yes I know that my boys are only 2 and 3, but here's the genius of it. We separated them into 2 twin beds. My 3 year old hated the crib and it was a fight EVERY night. So he gets a "big boy bed" that we don't have to replace in 2 years when he's outgrown a toddler bed. We gave the "top bunk" to my 2 year old since it already has rails and he couldn't be happier! The best part? We got the SET for only $125! Can't get that anywhere else! I'll post pictures soon!

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