Storm's a Brewin

It's official! Monsoon season is here. We had our first crazy storm last night and trees suffered all over the Valley . Mine included. Funny thing though. . . it fell about 20 min BEFORE the storm even hit. The Hubs was outside spraying our yard for ants pesky lil buggers and had been walking all over the yard. My lil ones kept wanting to go out and help and I thought it was a bad idea since the ants would be ticked. Thank Heaven I said "No" about a hundred times, because there wasn't much warning. It just snapped. Fell on the roof first and slid off onto the yard. 

If you want to remember what it looked like Before, Click here.

Pros-"Are there any?" you ask. Absolutely! I wanted to rip out that monstrosity of a "devil tree" (that's what my cous called it) since the day I laid eyes on my house via internet 6 months ago. Now the Hubs said it's too dangerous to leave. Muahahaha! hehe. It must all come down.

Cons-Well duh! There's a friggin tree blocking my front door! It's huge! The Hubs is so lucky he wasn't standing under it when it fell. 

 Here's the view of the storm as it was rolling in. The 2nd picture was taken only 2 minutes after the first. No flash difference or anything. That's just how fast it got dark and creepy. It was literally seconds after the 2nd picture before it was right on us. Muahaha! 

 Last night during the storm, we drove around and called people we know to see if anyone had a chainsaw. Luckily for us we have "handy" family members and between them, I don't think there is a tool they don't have. Well maybe now I'll be able to plant my own 
Mulberry Tree


  1. WOW! I thought of you guys when I saw the dust storm coming through on the news! WOW! Glad you guys are okay and GOODBYE tree! :) Glad the house was good! :)

  2. "It was a dark,dark storm...."