Finding Your YOU in Design

As you all may know, tastes change and styles evolve. Since we purchased our home about a year and a half ago, I've been struggling to find my style. I've been scouring blogs and magazines trying to decide who I am in terms of design. I tried going in this direction following Mandi from Vintage Revivals

SEE! Shower Curtain. (I should post my tutorial on that.) I just took it down because it's too much for me and not because the bathroom isn't large. (it doesn't really look like this at all anymore and this was the "After" for a while, but I digress. . .

I even entered her crazy room makeover giveaway in hopes that she would come and crazify my house. Turns out, that's not for me. Wanna know how I know? Well I followed the advice of said Mandi and started listening to the inner ME and not what was cool and hip going on in blogland. Although I think her style is Mandilicious, it's not for me. I started by hanging a few different colored picture frames up in my family room to add some pizzazz  I. Could. Not. Handle. It. Sounds ridiculous, I know. What's the harm in a few different colors!?!

 I couldn't do it. Fortunately, the picture frames ended up being the least expensive way possible to find out that I need serenity in my home. I can be fun and crazy elsewhere, but my home needs to be a bit more Ballard and a little less Urban. That doesn't mean bland and boring, just a little more sophisticated or something like that. As soon as I figured this out, I felt kinda old, but I got over it though and redesigned what I want my master to be. When I look at this moodboard it makes me take a deep breath and relax just thinking about relaxing there. Without further ado,
My Master Moodboard

Obviously these are just the main pieces and only the jumping off point. I would however, like it to be as close to this as possible.
Through this whole process, I learned a very valuable lesson. It's so simple and stands the test of time. Be true to yourself. If you are a little more Rock n Roll than Country, EMBRACE it! But if you're more Ballard than Urban, settle in and allow your mature side take over a little while for sanity's sake. It's okay to be you.

New Master Shopping List
Wall Color-Still BM Edgecomb Gray (It's pretty much my favorite and it's already on the walls.
Headboard- Home Decorators Collection Notched Headboard with Nailhead Trim
Bedding-Pottery Barn Wells Palampore in Blue {I've loved this bedding for years. Still not sure why I don't own it yet-side note part ii- I love this in ivory for Christmas time cause I'm cool like that}
Nightstands-Ballard Designs Torino Demilune {these are my inspiration but I would love to find a vintage/flea market version of this}
Accent Chair- Ballard Designs
Window Panels- Ballard Designs Chloe in Aqua
Dresser- I already have a dresser that I previously painted Mint. It's turning a vintage cream. 

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